Blog Posts in February, 2012

  • Expungement Checklist

    Checklist for what we need for your Expungement This list applies to convictions for Misdemeanor Alcohol Possession or for a conviction before you turned 18 1) Sworn affidavit by you: Stating your good behavior for 2 year period since the date of your conviction. (We will help draft this). 2) Verified affidavits of two persons not related to you (or each other), stating knowledge of your good ...
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  • Domestic Violence FAQs

    How Do I Know if Domestic Violence Laws Apply for Me? Individuals who may be protected by domestic violence laws in North Carolina are: Present or former spouses; Present or former household members; Persons of the opposite sex who are dating each other or had dated each other; A person who is living with a person of the opposite sex as if married; Children and their parents or grandparents; and ...
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  • Blanca Rodriguez Approved as Court Interpreter

    At Dummit Fradin, we know that there is more to representation than knowing the law. A good lawyer makes it easy for a client to share his or her story with the court, without letting language barriers get in the way. Today one of our interpreters, Blanca Rodriguez, was approved as a Court Interpreter for a Workman’s Compensation Hearing. Keeping up with the fast pace of a court environment is ...
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  • DMV non-compliance hearing - over ruled

    When you have a conditional driving privilege, maintaining that privilege is important. One of our clients was facing the prospect of losing his conditional license even though he met his requirement of not having a Blood Alcohol Content above .000. Fortunately, he had a Dummit Fradin attorney. Client had 4 DWIs, but none within the past 23 years. Further, Client testified that he had not consumed ...
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