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  • 5 Child Custody Mistakes to Avoid

    For many parents involved in a divorce or separation, child custody becomes one of the top concerns. In North Carolina, all family law decisions involving children are made with the best interests of a child in mind. This means that it is more beneficial to you to demonstrate all the things that make you a parent who is fit and responsible enough to provide your child with the care and support ...
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  • Should You Date During a Divorce?

    The divorce process can be a difficult experience, especially when it comes to wanting to begin a new life and find a new partner. While it is healthy and natural for divorcees to start new relationships, doing so while a divorce is pending can have some repercussions during a legal case. This is generally why most family law attorneys advise clients to wait until a divorce is finalized before ...
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  • Divorce Danger: Never Split Retirement Accounts By a Specific Number

    When a person chooses to file for divorce, chances are they want to get through the legal process as quickly as possible so they can pursue a fresh start. While this is only natural, given that most divorces occur when two people grow apart, it is important for divorcing spouses to carefully consider all factors of the divorce process to ensure they take the necessary steps towards protecting ...
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  • 5 Important Questions & Answers About Divorce

    Regardless of what the circumstances may be, divorce can be a difficult and emotional process to endure. In most cases, this is due to a lifestyle change during and after two people grow apart. Because of this, many divorcing spouses experience challenging conversations and confrontations with their soon-to-be ex-spouse. For this reason, a person who decides to file for divorce should get in touch ...
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