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  • Keeping Your Privacy Private

    In a world full of Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and Periscope, pictures, posts and relationship statuses are posted for all of your friends and followers to see. In the midst of the "OMG" and "LOL" comments, these social media accounts are a goldmine for gathering evidence against you in your custody and/or divorce case(s). Sure, blocking or unfriending the opposing party (and their ...
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  • Recovering Attorney's Fees in Civil Cases

    Innocent plaintiffs are often frustrated by the need to pay attorney's fees despite their legitimate claims against wrongful defendants. Understandably, many plaintiffs believe that they would not need to spend money on legal fees if the defendant had not acted wrongfully. Thus, successful plaintiffs often seek to have the defendant pay their legal fees for them. Unfortunately for such plaintiffs, ...
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  • Civil Lawsuits in North Carolina

    Venue for Civil Lawsuits in North Carolina One of the first things that needs to be decided when initiating a civil action is where to file the lawsuit. Where the lawsuit is filed and litigated is referred to as the "venue." Venue must be proper to avoid having the case transferred to a different county or dismissed outright. North Carolina law states that venue is generally proper in the county ...
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  • Summary Judgment In North Carolina

    An Introduction to Summary Judgment In North Carolina What if there was a way to have certain issues, or even an entire case, decided without having to go through a long trial? "Summary judgment" is a procedural device that offers just that. Summary judgment is a way for the court to dispose of claims that the plaintiff (the party bringing the lawsuit) cannot prove or that the defendant (the party ...
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