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  • Worker's Compensation Claims & Federal Employees

    Typically, workers' compensation claims in North Carolina are governed by the North Carolina Workers' Compensation Act. However, when the plaintiff is a federal employee their claims are governed by the Federal Employees' Compensation Act. The Federal Act calls for the United States to compensate federal employees for any injury sustained while in the performance of his or her job if that injury ...
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  • 6 Wrong Reasons to NOT hire a Workers' Compensation Lawyer

    You read that correctly! Seriously. After all of my years of experience and practice, it still surprises me to hear some of the reasons folks have for not getting legal representation. So, here’s a list of the top 5 reasons why people don’t think they should get an attorney: I don’t want to sue my employer . Well, okay. Fair enough, but guess what? This actually isn’t a problem. Why? Because ...
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  • Do I Have A Workers' Compensation Claim?

    Good question. Whenever a workers' compensation claim is started, a qualified workers' compensation attorney has to consider the following two questions: Does this injury qualify for coverage under the North Carolina Workers' Compensation Act? Is this covered (or should it be covered) under the employer's workers' compensation insurance? When it comes to determining whether or not you have a ...
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  • Injured at work? Know Your Rights!

    To be eligible for benefits under the North Carolina Workers' Compensation act, employees must: Prove that they were an employee, That they were injured, and The injury in question was caused by an event that occurred while they were on the job. All of the above requirements sound pretty simple, but injured employees should beware trying to prove these points alone. An experienced workers' ...
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