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Case Results

Disclaimer: The facts and circumstances of each case are different as such each case must be evaluated upon the unique  circumstances and facts. The results summarized here are not necessarily representative of the results obtained in all cases.

Victory – Marital Assets Protected

Attorney Spidell won a Motion for Temporary Restraining Order in Greensboro, protecting our client’s marital assets and allowing him sole possession of the marital residence and custody of the minor child.

Dismissed – Underage drinking

Charged with two separate underage drinking violations in separate counties, our client came to Charlotte attorney David McCleary for representation. Before trial, Mr. McCleary was able to get a dismissal of both charges against the client.

Victory – License Reinstated

Client came to Attorney Goldsborough with multiple tickets from Guilford and Randolph counties including Driving While License Revoked (DWLR) charges.  It had been several years since the client had his license. After review of the client’s North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicle (NCDMV) record, Mrs. Goldsborough determined what needed to be done assist client in obtaining his license.  Attorney Goldsborough negotiated a reduction to the first set of charges and the client was able to obtain his license.  Attorney Goldsborough was then able to negotiate a plea to the second set of charges so that client could continue to maintain his NC license.

Reduced Charge – Breaking and Entering

Ms. Spidell represented a defendant in Greensboro with several felony and misdemeanor criminal charges involving a break in to his high school. Ms. Spidell was successful in negotiating a plea with the Assistant District Attorney to reduce the charges to misdemeanors and have many of them dismissed entirely.

Dismissed – Solicitation of Prostitution

The Dummit Fradin legal team secured a dismissal of the Solicitation of Prostitution charge for our client after discovering a mistake made by the arresting officer in the charging instrument.

Resolved with Small Fine and Court Costs – Driving While Impaired

Charged with Driving While Impaired (DWI) and other charges, our legal team filed a Motion to Dismiss the case because his client was denied access to witnesses and the opportunity to gather exonerating evidence. Immediately prior to trial, the prosecutor offered to dismiss the DWI and have our client plead to a lesser charge. The case resolved with a small fine and court costs.

Dismissed – Two States, Two Police Departments, One Client’s Charges Dismissed

Client, a South Carolina resident, is drinking with a family member when an argument breaks out. Client leaves, and the relative calls the SC police. SC police begin to chase our client, who crosses the NC state line into Mecklenburg County. The SC police contact the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, who stop our client. Before the case gets to trial, Ms. Rynne convinces the Charlotte DA and the arresting officer that since the officer never actually saw our client operating the vehicle on a North Carolina road, the elements of a DWI could not be proven and the case was Voluntarily Dismissed. Best of all? Since Ms. Rynne secured the dismissal before the trial started, our client never had to go to court.

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