Case Results

  • Dismissed

    50B Domestic Order

    Attorney Megan Spidell successfully negotiated the dismissal of a Domestic Violence Protective Order against a father involving his daughter and regained visitation rights between father and daughter.

  • Dismissed

    50B Domestic Violence Protective Order

    Ms. Spidell defended a client against a Domestic Violence Protective Order in Guilford County. The client’s girlfriend had taken out a restraining order in an attempt to end the relationship, because she had a new boyfriend. The judge, after hearing the evidence, dismissed the restraining order. The client was also in the process of obtaining United States Citizenship and any restraining order or criminal charges could hinder that process.

  • Dismissed

    Assault on a Female

    Attorney Megan Spidell was successful in having a client’s Assault on a Female charge dismissed during trial in Guilford County today.

  • Not Guilty

    Assault on a Female

    Attorney Megan Spidell successfully tried and won an Assault on a Female trial in Guilford County. The case involved a disagreement between husband and wife that escalated into a physical altercation. Despite the testimony from the wife and the Greensboro Police Department Officer, the Defendant, who otherwise had a clean criminal record, was found Not Guilty in District Court.

  • Dismissed

    Assault on Female

    Attorney Spidell was successful in having two Assault on a Female cases dismissed against her clients in Guilford County.

  • Charges Reduced

    Assault with a Deadly Weapon

    Facing active jail time charged with Assault with a Deadly Weapon and Assault of a Female. After trial, the judge reduced the charges to a Simple Affray and continued judgment.

  • Reduced Charge

    Breaking and Entering

    Ms. Spidell represented a defendant with several felony and misdemeanor criminal charges involving a break in to his high school. Ms. Spidell was successful in negotiating a plea with the Assistant District Attorney to reduce the charges to misdemeanors and have many of them dismissed entirely.

  • Dismissed pending completion of agreement.

    Breaking and Entering; Larceny; Resisting Officer

    St v DD

    Client was facing sentencing on multiple counts, and hired attorney Clarke Dummit. Mr. Dummit presented multiple potential evidentiary issues, and possible suppression and identification issues if the case goes to trial. Rather than have a trial the State agreed to dismiss all charges once our client pays restitution and does community service.

  • Favorable Plea Negotiated

    Capital Murder

    A client charged with Capital Murder, potentially facing the death penalty or life in prison, entered a plea to Assault Inflicting Serious Injury after Mrs. Rynne negotiated a favorable plea agreement with the District Attorney’s office.

  • Dismissed

    Carry Concealed Gun and Possession of Marijuana

    Mr. Mellies got the charges dismissed after he won a motion to suppress evidence obtained in violation of the client’s Miranda rights.

  • Dismissed

    Carrying a Concealed Weapon

    Attorney Megan Spidell was successful in having misdemeanor Stalking and Carrying a Concealed Weapon charges dismissed in Guilford County Superior Court for a client this week.

  • Awarded

    Child Custody

    Ms. Spidell represented a father of five children, whose wife had obtained two frivolous Domestic Violence Protective Orders and also taken out false assault charges against him. Ms. Spidell successfully argued that the father should be given custody and possession of the marital residence and the mother was permitted to have visitation and ordered to leave the residence. The father can now resume his normal life with his children, without fear of false allegations from his wife. Ms. Spidell also had both protective orders and the assault charges dismissed against him.

  • Victory

    Child Custody Modification

    Megan E. Spidell, family law attorney at Dummit Fradin, was successful in arguing a child custody modification/ relocation case, in which her client wanted to relocate to Florida with the parties’ five minor children. Ms. Spidell successfully argued that due to the strong bond between the children and their mother, extended family available as support in Florida and a past history of domestic violence between the parents, it was in the best interest of the children to live in Florida with their mother rather than in North Carolina, where they have lived most of their lives.

  • Victory

    Child Visitation Resumed

    Ms. Spidell successfully defended against a 50B/Restraining Order, allowing our client to resume visitation with his children.

  • Order Rescinded

    Civil Revocation of Drivers license

    Representing a client with a commercial driver’s license and facing a year-long license suspesion that would prevent him from working,our attorney challenged the revocation and won a hearing rescinding the revocation order and saving his clients license and job.

  • Dismissed

    Domestic Violence 50B

    Our client who was wrongfully restrained from his family with a Domestic Violence Restraining Order or 50B was reunited with them today after Megan Spidell showed that he was and had never been a threat to his family.

  • Dismissed

    Domestic Violence Protective Order

    Representing a client who faced a protective order prohibiting him from contact his ex-wife and two minor children for a year and other serious consequences. Attorney Megan E. Spidell successfully had the Domestic Violence Protective Order dismissed in Guilford County, which allowed him to continue seeing his children.

  • Granted

    Driving Privileges

    Representing a client who had blown a .22 on the breath test, our attorney successfully negotiated a plea deal wherein the breath test would be excluded. Getting this evidence excluded saved our client from having to install an Ignition Interlock device on his vehicle and paying installation and monthly monitoring fees. Our client was immediately available for driving privileges.

  • Dismissed

    Driving While Impaired

    Client charged with Driving While Impaired. An out-of-state client had appeared several times for court requesting a trial each time. While the prosecutor attempted to continue the case that was pending for over a year, our attorney contested and won the motion. The prosecutor had no choice but to dismiss the charge.

  • Resolved with Small Fine and Court Costs

    Driving While Impaired

    Charged with Driving While Impaired (DWI) and other charges, our legal team filed a Motion to Dismiss the case because his client was denied access to witnesses and the opportunity to gather exonerating evidence. Immediately prior to trial, the prosecutor offered to dismiss the DWI and have our client plead to a lesser charge. The case resolved with a small fine and court costs.

  • Driving Privileges Granted

    Driving While Impaired

    Representing a client who had blown a .22 on the breath test, our attorney successfully negotiated a plea deal wherein the breath test would be excluded. Getting this evidence excluded saved our client from having to install an Ignition Interlock device on his vehicle and paying installation and monthly monitoring fees. Our client was immediately available for driving privileges.

  • Not Guilty

    Driving While Impaired Greensboro, NC

    A client came to us charged with a Driving While Impaired (DWI) . The DWI charge occurred in the middle of the night after the client left work. Our legal team tried the case to verdict. After showing that the stop was unreasonable, and the officer detained our client for an unreasonable length of time, the judge found our client Not Guilty.

  • Dismissed

    Driving While License Revoked

    Our client was charged with Driving While License Revoked (DWLR) and other traffic charges. Our attorney reviewed the client’s driving history to determine all the different holds on our client’s license. Once we got them cleared up, our legal team secured a dismissal of the Driving While License Revoked charge. Our client can now get his license back.

  • Dropped Charges

    Drug Program

    Ms. Rynne recently helped a man who works hard, work harder. Our client has a good job and was being considered for a promotion, but a conviction on a charge of Possession of Marijuana would have stopped all that. The Dummit Fradin Law Firm understands that people make mistakes, and so Ms. Rynne worked with the District Attorney to get our client into a program that would help him. Our client was able to enroll in a substance abuse education program, and after completing this program his charges were dismissed.

  • Dismissed


    A client with a commercial driver’s license came to our firm for help with a DWI charge after being pulled over at a DWI checkpoint in Randolph County. A Dummit Fradin attorney argued that the checkpoint lacked the proper purpose, and was conducted in an unreasonable way making the checkpoint unconstitutional. The judge agreed. Our Motion to Supress was granted.

  • Not Guilty

    DWI and Failure to Reduce Speed

    Client was charged with DWI and failure to reduce speed.

    He had left a restaurant in the late evening after having two very large beers and a bit to eat. While driving around a corner, he went off the road. The police responded within minutes. Client was put through the battery of field sobriety tests, was arrested and eventually blew a .14 downtown, where he was charged with DWI and failure to reduce speed. An unsuccessful motion was made regarding the accuracy of the field sobriety test; however, importantly, the testimony of the officer who testified was clearly not credible. This credibility issue was brought to the forefront by Mr. Fradin. After a full trial on the merits, and the officer’s credibility continually challenged, Mr. Fradin successfully argued to the court that the state had not met its burden of proving all elements of the crime beyond a reasonable doubt, and the Defendant was found not guilty of all charges.

    The lesson: Always hold the state’s feet to the fire and make them prove their case and each element beyond a reasonable doubt!

  • Dismissed

    DWI Charges

    Representing a client with their first DWI charge, attorney Barbara Rynne convinced the ADA to voluntarily dismiss the case during pretrial.

  • Not Guilty

    DWI won for Corpus Delicti

    Our client was charged with DWI after the officer heard the crash, and drove over to the scene of the wreck 3 minutes later. When the officer arrived our client was out of the car with the hood open looking at the damage to the grill. There was another person at the scene who could have been driving, but our client said he was driving. There was no physical evidence that our client was driving, and the only circumstantial evidence (that our client owned the car, and was at the scene) led equally to the conclusion that he was a passenger. Our client was arrested and blew a .17 at the station.

    Mr. Dummit of Dummit Fradin made a motion to dismiss at the close of the State’s case under the Corpus Delicti rule. Corpus Delicti is a Latin term which means “body of the crime.” The Corpus Delicti rule requires the state to have some evidence that a crime was committed beyond the bald confession of a person. In spite of the case law argued, the court did not dismiss the case at the close of the State’s evidence. Mr. Dummit then fought on. At the end of the trial he was found him not guilty, in spite of his confession, based upon a reasonable doubt that he was the driver. While the Court did not grant the Corpus Delicti motion to dismiss, the court did agree later that the Corpus Delicti rule prevented a conviction under these circumstances.

  • Victory

    Fathers Custody Protected

    Attorney Spidell represented a father in a custody case where his wife fled the county with all five of their minor children, age 2 to 15. After a full trial, the Judge ordered that all 5 children be returned to the custody of their father and live with him and ordered that the wife not take the kids again.

  • Victory

    Fathers’ Visitation Restored

    Ms. Spidell won a Motion for Contempt and restored visitation of a one-year old baby to her father.

  • Dismissed

    Felony Drug Charges

    Representing a client with a history of drug charges and facing a felony drug charge, attorney Barbara Rynne convinced the ADA to voluntarily dismiss the case during pretrial.

  • Favorable Plea Negotiated

    First Degree Rape and Felony Drug Charges

    Facing the possibility of life in prison without parole, we advocated for our client and negotiated with the prosecution. Our legal team negotiated a very favorable plea deal where the First Degree Rape and Felony Drug charges were dismissed, and our client was sentenced in the mitigated range to only six months in prison.

  • Dismissed

    High Speed Speeding Ticket

    Attorney McCleary was able to secure a dismissal of a high speed ticket that would have resulted in the loss of license for a client. Because Mr. McCleary was able to dismiss the speed the client will continue to work.

  • Pled Down

    High Speed Ticket in Work Zone

    Our Dummit Fradin attorney recently represented a client who was charged with a high speed traffic ticket in a work zone. The client had a Commercial’s Driver’s License and owned a small fleet of commercial vehicles on behalf of the company that he owns. Therefore, any points against his license would result in extremely high insurance rate increases and would put his driver’s license in jeopardy. Despite the fact that the officer wrote on the ticket that the client was driving erratically and that the county in which this traffic was issued does not customarily allow non-moving violations for high speeds or work zone tickets, Our attorney was able to get the client’s ticket pled down to a non-moving violation. Now our client can continue to operate his small business without any insurance rate increases or DMV license suspension concerns.

  • Emergency Order Obtained

    Holiday Visitation Granted

    Family law attorney Megan Spidell was successful in negotiating holiday visitation for three of her clients, just in time to get an Order for the Judge. Megan’s hard work and negotiation skills enabled three parents to spend Thanksgiving with their children this year, while simultaneously representing them in their ongoing custody disputes.

    Attorney Megan Spidell was successful in obtaining emergency child custody for a father in Guilford County this week. Ms. Spidell persuaded the Judge to enter an emergency Order, to protect the child from potential drug abuse within the mother’s home. The minor child is currently thriving in her father’s care.

  • 50B Order Renewed

    Keeping Our Clients and Their Loved Ones Safe

    Client is a man who needed to renew the 50B (domestic protection order) that had been taken out against his ex-wife.

    In the year since the original 50B order, the ex had been making many threatening statements, attempting to defraud an insurance company by posing as his current wife, even referring to our client’s new fiancé as his mistress. This unstable behavior led attorney Barbara Rynne to modify the 50B motion to include the fiancé as a protected household member.

    Laws governing domestic protection orders do not address whether a fiancé may or may not be protected by the order, but Ms. Rynne was able to show the judge that the fiancé needed protection as much as our client. Ms. Rynne also was granted a two year 50B order, when these are often only granted for one year.

    In addition to the safety Ms. Rynne secured for our client and his fiancé in court, a complimentary safety planning session was held with Ms. Rynne so that our client and his fiancé can feel safe.

  • Dismissed


    Client was charged with LARCENY BY CHANGING PRICE TAG, however after extensive work, Attorney Clarke Dummit was able to get the case dismissed.

  • Victory

    Marital Assets Protected

    Attorney Spidell won a Motion for Temporary Restraining Order, protecting our client’s marital assets and allowing him sole possession of the marital residence and custody of the minor child.

  • Granted

    Motion for Contempt

    Our client had been denied visitation with his son for over a year. Attorney Spidell successfully argued a Motion for Contempt in Guilford County and the Judge reinstated visitation effective immediately and found his wife in contempt of court for withholding visitation. Our client had been denied any and all visitation with his son and Ms. Spidell was able to reunite them through her representation.

  • Granted

    Motion for Contempt

    Our client is the primary caretaker for the parties’ special-needs teenager. His mother repeatedly refused to pay any financial support. Attorney Megan E. Spidell filed and successfully argued a Motion for Contempt in Forsyth County and the Judge found the mother in contempt of court, ordering her to immediately pay her past-due child support for the benefit of the parties’ child. Our client no longer has to financially support his son alone.

  • Dismissed

    Resisting a Public Officer

    Facing stiff penalties after already being on probation, our client charged with Resisting a Public Officer came to attorney David McCleary for representation. Before trial, Mr. McCleary was able to obtain a dismissal of the charge against the client.

  • Dismissed

    Resisting an Officer

    Attorney McCleary secured a deferred dismissal in Guilford County on the charges of simple affray, resisting an officer and simple possession of Marijuna.

  • Charges Dismissed

    Respect for All People Under the Law

    Police respond to a domestic violence call one night. They see that the husband has scratches on his face and arms, and begin to question the wife. What the officers do not see is the bruising on the wife’s body, particularly her back, where she has been beaten by the husband.

    The wife takes her culture’s beliefs seriously, and so she may not show the officer the wounds on her back because she can not remove her clothing in the presence of a man who is not her husband. The officers believe she is using this as an excuse for her attack on her husband but does not believe that she has been a victim, so she is arrested for assaulting her husband. She spends two days in jail.

    Department of Social Services (DSS) is called because they have an 8 year old child. After DSS investigates, they determine that the husband has been abusing the wife. She is sent to victim’s counseling, and he is sent to an intervention program. Another attorney is hired to represent her to get the charges dropped, but that attorney is unsuccessful.

    Our attorney, Barbara Rynne, is hired. Ms. Rynne discusses the issues of the case with the District Attorney, and before the case even comes to court the charges against the wife are dismissed.

  • Dismissed Prior to Trial

    Shoplifting and Injury to Personal Property

    Even though the prosecution had offered a dismissal in exchange for community service hours and classes, our lawyer pushed for trial knowing the state could not prove their case . The case was dismissed just prior to trial.

  • Dismissed

    Solicitation of Prostitution

    The Dummit Fradin legal team secured a dismissal of the Solicitation of Prostitution charge for our client after discovering a mistake made by the arresting officer in the charging instrument.

  • Dismissed

    Speeding Ticket

    Our client was cited for speeding 25 miles over the speed limit. With our client facing a revocation of their driver’s license if convicted of such a high speed, Attorney Megan E. Spidell was able to get the Assistant District Attorney to agree to dismiss the speeding ticket, saving the client’s Commercial Driver’s License, and also their job.

  • Dismissed

    Traveling Salesman Speeding Ticket

    A client came to us with a ticket for speeding 15 miles-per-hour over the legal limit. The client was a traveling salesman who was issued the ticket in a company car and therefore needed a dismissal to keep his current position. Our Dummit Fradin attorney successfully got the ticket dismissed without any fines, court costs, or classes needed. Our client can now continue his employment in sales without issue.

  • Dismissed

    Two States, Two Police Departments, One Client’s Charges Dismissed

    Client, a South Carolina resident, is drinking with a family member when an argument breaks out.

    Client leaves, and the relative calls the SC police. SC police begin to chase our client, who crosses the NC state line into Mecklenburg County. The SC police contact the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, who stop our client.

    Before the case gets to trial, Ms. Rynne convinces the DA and the arresting officer that since the officer never actually saw our client operating the vehicle on a North Carolina road, the elements of a DWI could not be proven and the case was Voluntarily Dismissed.

    Best of all? Since Ms. Rynne secured the dismissal before the trial started, our client never had to go to court.

  • Dismissed

    Under 21 DWI

    Mr. Dummit wins again! This time, our client was a young woman who had been charged with Driving After Consuming under the age of 21. This charge is different from an over 21 DWI- when under 21, a breathalyzer reading of anything over 0.0 is, by law, enough for the charge. Mr. Dummit was able to show that proper procedures were not followed at the time our client was charged, and so the breath test could not be used as evidence. Without a breath test, the state could not prove the charge, and our client’s charge was dismissed.

    Dummit Fradin shows, yet again, that the state has to follow the same rules as the citizens.

  • Dismissed

    Underage drinking

    Charged with two separate underage drinking violations in separate counties, our client came to attorney David McCleary for representation. Before trial, Mr. McCleary was able to get a dismissal of both charges against the client.

  • Victory

    Won Motion to Dismiss

    Attorney Spidell represented a father in Forsyth County whose ex-wife moved away and was trying to modify custody and take visitation away from the father. During trial, Attorney Spidell successfully argues a Motion to Dismiss ex-wife’s Motion to Modify Child Custody and the father was able to maintain custody of his two children.

  • Victory

    Won Motion to Modify Custody

    Attorney Megan Spidell represented a mother in Davidson County who wished to modify her custody order to allow her to relocate to another state pursuant to her new husband’s military orders. At trial, Attorney Spidell advocated on behalf of her client and the judge allowed the mother to modify the custody order so that she may relocate and maintain primary custody of the child.

  • Settlement

    Wrongful Termination

    Our legal team negotiated a $28,000.00 settlement with the City of Reidsville after his client was terminated while on medical leave under FMLA.