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Case Results

Disclaimer: The facts and circumstances of each case are different as such each case must be evaluated upon the unique  circumstances and facts. The results summarized here are not necessarily representative of the results obtained in all cases.

Dismissed – Speeding Ticket

Our client was cited for speeding 25 miles over the speed limit in Greensboro. With our client facing a revocation of their driver’s license if convicted of such a high speed, Attorney Megan E. Spidell was able to get the Assistant District Attorney to agree to dismiss the speeding ticket, saving the client’s Commercial Driver’s License, and also their job.

Dismissed – Carrying a Concealed Weapon

Attorney Megan Spidell was successful in having misdemeanor Stalking and Carrying a Concealed Weapon charges dismissed in Guilford County Superior Court for a client this week.

Dismissed – Felony Drug Charges

Representing a client with a history of drug charges and facing a felony drug charge, Charlotte attorney Barbara Rynne convinced the ADA to voluntarily dismiss the case during pretrial.

Dismissed – Larceny

Client was charged with LARCENY BY CHANGING PRICE TAG in Winston-Salem, however after extensive work, Attorney Clarke Dummit was able to get the case dismissed.

Dismissed – Driving While License Revoked

Our client was charged with Driving While License Revoked (DWLR) and other traffic charges. Our attorney reviewed the client’s driving history to determine all the different holds on our client’s license. Once we got them cleared up, our legal team secured a dismissal of the Driving While License Revoked charge. Our client can now get his license back.

Granted -Motion for Contempt

Our client in Greensboro had been denied visitation with his son for over a year. Attorney Spidell successfully argued a Motion for Contempt in Guilford County and the Judge reinstated visitation effective immediately and found his wife in contempt of court for withholding visitation. Our client had been denied any and all visitation with his son and Ms. Spidell was able to reunite them through her representation.

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