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Backed by 25 years of solid legal experience, we at Dummit Fradin have had the chance to tackle a wide range of legal issues, including the most complex. Whether we are helping a client obtain compensation for a personal injury claim or are defending the rights of an accused individual, we are relentless and strategic. By adopting a team-based approach, we can bring our respective strengths to the table. When it comes to our clients, nothing is more important than protecting their rights and futures.

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Staff Members

E. Clarke Dummit View Bio E. Clarke Dummit
Michael S. Fradin View Bio Michael S. Fradin
Erica L. Jackson View Bio Erica L. Jackson
Stephanie Goldsborough View Bio Stephanie Goldsborough
M. Gib Hobson View Bio M. Gib Hobson
David M. McCleary View Bio David M. McCleary
Charles E. Mellies View Bio Charles E. Mellies
Megan E. Spidell View Bio Megan E. Spidell
Leila Hicks View Bio Leila Hicks
Catherine Magennis View Bio Catherine Magennis
Bree Ward View Bio Bree Ward
Maria Saguilan View Bio Maria Saguilan
Reggie Green View Bio Reggie Green
Merlin Gomez View Bio Merlin Gomez
Lizbeth Rodriguez View Bio Lizbeth Rodriguez
Amanda Muse View Bio Amanda Muse
Maria Coria View Bio Maria Coria
Zoey Chung View Bio Zoey Chung
Liz Ramos View Bio Liz Ramos
Joiava Stancil View Bio Joiava Stancil
Aeryn  Emmerich View Bio Aeryn Emmerich
Devon Senges View Bio Devon Senges