What is Alienation of Affection?

North Carolina is one of only 6 six states in which you can still sue for alienation of affection. These types of lawsuits basically allow a spouse to sue their marriage’s homewrecker. “So, if a third party has inserted themselves into your marriage in some way and destroyed the love and affection in your marriage, you have a remedy available,” Jessica Culver explains.

Jessica Culver’s experience in all types of family law cases made her a great source for the WFMY News 2 segment on alienation of affection which aired on February 12, 2019.

Alienation of affection is technically a tort under the eyes of the law, or otherwise known as a wrongful act. While it seems far-fetched to sue a third party for ending your marriage, attorneys see about 200 of these cases every year. One of the most notable cases in the past couple of years was one that involved a North Carolina man and a Philadelphia Eagles’ NFL player.

It’s also good to consider if the added stress and trauma of the trial makes the case worth pursuing. “One of the first questions I ask is, ‘Who is this third party, if we know, and do we know if they have assets?'” Jessica Culver explains.

The tort, not surprisingly, comes with its own controversy. Culver emphasized in the interview, “this comes from the same dogma that created the idea that women, wives, are their husbands’ property.”

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