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Recent and Notable Greensboro Case Results

Here you’ll find a number of Greensboro case results that illustrate how our attorneys handle a variety of cases in Guilford County. From domestic to criminal cases, our attorneys are dedicated to helping each and every client.

Disclaimer: The facts and circumstances of each case are different as such each case must be evaluated upon the unique  circumstances and facts. The results summarized here are not necessarily representative of the results obtained in all cases.

Motion for Contempt Reunites Father and Son

Our client in Greensboro was denied visitation with his son for over a year. Our Attorney successfully argued a Motion for Contempt in Guilford County. The Judge reinstated visitation effective immediately and found his wife in contempt of court for withholding visitation. Our client had been denied any and all visitation with his son and we were able to reunite them through the successful representation. Meet with a Child Custody Lawyer in Greensboro, NC Knowing how to handle child custody issues requires good knowledge of the laws in the particular state and county. Our Greensboro child custody lawyers have decades of experience advocating for clients in Guilford County. Contact us today to meet with an experienced child custody lawyer in Greensboro.

Victory – Fathers’ Visitation Restored

Our Dummit Fradin family law attorney won a Motion for Contempt in Greensboro and restored visitation of a one-year-old baby to her father. What is a Motion for Contempt? After a final court order in a family law case, both parties must abide by the agreed terms in the court order. If either party refuses or fails to comply with any portion of the court order, the second party can file a motion for contempt. The motion basically forces the non-compliant party to abide by the court order or they could face jail time or fines. To find out if this strategy could in your individual case, speak with one of our experienced family law attorneys today!

Motion for Appropriate Relief Granted in Guilford County

Our client, like many others, got a dreaded speeding ticket in Guilford County. Unfortunately, Guilford County has a new policy that makes it difficult to get a reduction on any speeding charge where the top speed is over 90 miles per hour. So, our client hired legal counsel. Attempting a Prayer for Judgement Continued Her previous lawyer helped her get a Prayer for Judgement Continued. This is a motion unique to North Carolina that allows people with traffic violations to plead guilty to an offense and ask for a Prayer for Judgement from the judge. If the judge grants the Prayer for Judgement, the offense is not entered against the defendant. It is still documented, but points are not added to the person's driving record. However, one caveat is that there's a limit to the number of Prayers for Judgement a judge can grant per household. And, the [...]

Appeal Won for Civil Revocation of a CDL

A Greensboro client with a commercial driver's license, or CDL, was charged with DWI in Guilford County. As a result, our client was also hit with a civil revocation of his CDL, also known as a CVR. A civil revocation of a CDL can result in disqualification from using a CDL for one year. This means that CDL holders also face potentially losing their job if the civil revocation stands. One of the biggest obstacles to handling these types of cases is that clients have exactly 10 days to appeal a civil revocation of a CDL. Otherwise, the revocation is allowed to stand and it will disqualify their CDL. Fortunately, our Greensboro client advised us of his issue with only a few days left to petition for a hearing. Criminal defense attorney Patrick Apple filed a strong motion in opposition to the civil revocation and scheduled a hearing [...]

4 years of Separation Over

Our Greensboro immigration attorney successfully reunited a client with his wife and young daughter after the family had endured nearly four years of heartbreaking separation. The U.S. embassy had falsely accused the United States Citizen and his wife of having a "sham" marriage and had denied the wife's visa. Our attorney was able to overcome the denial and reverse the mix-up by slashing through years bureaucratic red tape and false assumptions to give this family their happily ever after. Nuestra abogada de inmigración reunió exitosamente a un cliente con su esposa y su hija después de que la familia había soportado casi cuatro años de separación desgarradora. La embajada de los Estados Unidos había acusado falsamente al ciudadano de los Estados Unidos y su esposa de tener un matrimonio "falso" y había negado la visa de la esposa. La abogada pudo superar la negación y revertir la confusión reduciendo los trámites burocráticos y las falsas suposiciones para dar a esta [...]

Father Wins in Child Custody Modification Dispute

Attorney: Jessica Culver Type of Case: Child Custody Modification - Rule 60 Motion to Set Aside Case Result: Successfully Defended Against Rule 60 Motion and Preserved the Standing Custody Order County: Guilford County Greensboro family law attorney, Jessica Culver, represented a father in a child custody modification trial in Guilford County. The mother's visitation at the time was limited to every other week. In an attempt to change this, she filed a Rule 60 Motion with the court. This Rule 60 motion would ask the court to set aside the custody order and restore her 50/50 custody rights. With this motion, the father risked losing Primary Custody and would have had to accept 50/50 custody. Not to mention, the conditions at the mother's house were unfavorable. Thus, it was not in the best interest of the child to spend half his time there. Analyzing the Opposing Party's Rule [...]

Rape Charges Dropped Against College Student

Attorney: Patrick Apple Type of Case: Criminal Pre-Charge on Felony Rape Accusation Case Result: Rape Charges Dropped County: Guilford County A young college-aged man was contacted by law enforcement. They asked to speak to him about a serious accusation from a young college-aged woman. The woman had filed a complaint with the police that our client had committed rape against her. The Client wisely declined to speak with the Detective and contacted Dummit Fradin instead. If convicted of the rape charge, our client was facing an active prison sentence, registration on the sex offender list, and the inability to apply for US citizenship. So, he hired criminal attorney Patrick Apple to represent him on a pre-charge investigation. Our client had no idea where the accusation could have come from. Patrick Apple worked with our client to reconstruct a timeline of recent events. Afterward, they were able to narrow [...]

Mother Wins Against Motion to Decrease Child Support

Greensboro family law attorney, Jessica Culver, recently won a Motion to Dismiss for her client. The opposing party, the father, had filed a Motion to Decrease Child Support. Our client, the mother, sought the help of attorney Jessica Culver who's handled these types of cases in the past. After reviewing the case, our family law attorney prepared a Motion to Dismiss. In court, the Judge granted Jessica Culver’s Motion to Dismiss and the father was ordered to continue paying the same amount in child support. Changing or Defending a Child Support Order in Greensboro, NC To change a child support order in Greensboro, you really need the assistance of a competent attorney.  There are very specific procedural and statutory rules about what is required for a motion to be successful. "If you don’t file the right motion, you could lose your case – even if you think you [...]

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