Criminal Defense Case Results

Here you will find our most recent and notable criminal defense case results. Schedule a personal consultation with a criminal defense attorney today!

Unjust Drug Trafficking Charges To Be Dismissed

Our client was facing several felony drug charges including drug trafficking charges in heroin and opium. Under that charge alone, she was up against a mandatory 18-year minimum prison sentence. But, she was likely facing a 22-year prison sentence if convicted. Her bond was set at 1.5 million dollars. Our criminal defense attorney in Greensboro got to work [...]

Unjust Drug Trafficking Charges To Be Dismissed2019-05-03T11:09:34-04:00

Assault on a Female in Forsyth County, NC Dismissed

A husband was charged with Assault on a Female in Forsyth County, NC for allegedly assaulting his wife. The charge was holding our client back from applying to become a United States Citizen. Fortunately, our Winston-Salem criminal defense attorney secured a dismissal of the charges against the husband. There are two sides to every story. [...]

Assault on a Female in Forsyth County, NC Dismissed2019-06-03T11:07:38-04:00

Domestic Violence Protective Order Granted Against Abusive Boyfriend

Our client had been seriously physically assaulted by her boyfriend throughout their relationship. She never told anyone about the abuse until recently. She finally decided that she had enough of the abuse and filed a request for a temporary emergency protective order. Our criminal defense attorney was able to negotiate with the defendant and, as a [...]

Domestic Violence Protective Order Granted Against Abusive Boyfriend2019-02-18T14:36:55-04:00

Victory – License Reinstated

Client came to Attorney Goldsborough with multiple tickets from Guilford and Randolph counties including Driving While License Revoked (DWLR) charges.  It had been several years since the client had his license. After review of the client’s North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicle (NCDMV) record, Mrs. Goldsborough determined what needed to be done assist client in [...]

Victory – License Reinstated2019-02-18T14:38:08-04:00

Dismissed – Assault by Pointing a Gun

A private warrant was sworn out against our client by a jealous girlfriend. The prosecuting witness cut our client’s tires and sent threatening text messages.  Our High Point criminal defense attorney was able to secure a dismissal of the assault charges against her client. Schedule a Consultation with Criminal Defense Attorney Today These types of criminal [...]

Dismissed – Assault by Pointing a Gun2019-02-20T17:09:03-04:00

Violation spotted case Dismissed – DWI

Attorney Goldsborough successfully defended a man charged with DWI.  After spotting a violation of the client’s constitutional rights in the officer’s in-car video, she filed a motion with the court.  The officer stopped the client’s vehicle and had no constitutional basis. After a hearing, the motion was granted and the charges against Attorney Goldsborough’s client [...]

Violation spotted case Dismissed – DWI2019-02-18T14:39:45-04:00

Order Rescinded – Civil Revocation of Drivers License

Dummit Fradin represented a client with a commercial driver’s license. Our client was facing a year-long license suspension that would prevent him from working. Our criminal defense attorney challenged the revocation and won a hearing rescinding the revocation order and saving his client's license and job. Meet with an Attorney Experienced in Licence Revocations Our [...]

Order Rescinded – Civil Revocation of Drivers License2019-04-08T12:37:09-04:00

Dismissed – Domestic Violence 50B

Our client in Greensboro was wrongfully restrained from his family with a Domestic Violence Restraining Order or 50B was reunited with them today after our Attorney showed that he was and had never been a threat to his family.

Dismissed – Domestic Violence 50B2019-02-18T14:40:19-04:00

Dismissed – Domestic Violence Protective Order

Our Greensboro criminal defense attorney represented a Greensboro client who faced a protective order. This prohibited him from contacting his ex-wife and two minor children for a year and other serious consequences. Our criminal defense attorney successfully had the Domestic Violence Protective Order dismissed in Guilford County, which allowed him to continue seeing his children. [...]

Dismissed – Domestic Violence Protective Order2019-03-18T15:20:04-04:00
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