A North Carolina district attorney has dismissed 71 traffic-related offenses and 104 DWI cases after it was uncovered that a sheriff’s deputy lied in court. The officer, Deputy Robert Davis, was found to have lied in at least three cases, prompting Judge Jacqueline Brewer to disqualify the DWI Task Force Member and 18-year veteran as a witness. In one of the cases, a woman the officer arrested in 2014 claimed that Davis refused to allow her to make a phone call or take a breath test. Davis was eventually terminated from the police department.

How An Officer’s Mistake Can Affect Your Case

This is just one example of the many things that could go wrong in a DWI case and why it is extremely important to work with an experienced DWI attorney. Law enforcement officers are required to abide by a strict set of standards when it comes to making a DWI arrest. When they don’t abide by these standards, there legally can be no case made against a driver because these mistakes compromise a person’s right to due process and fair handling of their case.

Part of an attorney’s job to protect drivers by thoroughly analyzing their case and looking for any evidence that an officer made an arrest without following protocol. For example, if a DWI officer stops a driver and arrests them without probable cause, or if they engage in an illegal search of a vehicle, this can be enough evidence to obtain a dismissal of a case. Other mistakes that an officer may make include neglecting to read a driver their Miranda rights before arresting them or, as above, failing to offer a driver a breath test using functional equipment. These could also be considered grounds for dismissal.

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