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Taking care of yourself after a work injury includes hiring a qualified workers compensation lawyer. Find the help you need at Dummit Fradin. Contact us today.


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Taking care of yourself after a work injury includes hiring a qualified workers compensation lawyer. Find the help you need at Dummit Fradin. Contact us today.

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Skillfully Protecting Your Rights as an Injured Worker

Our workers’ compensation lawyers fight to make sure you get the compensation you deserve. Unfortunately, a lot of employees feel bad when they have to file a workers’ compensation claim or injury claim. Often, employees feel like they’re hurting their company or filing an aggressive lawsuit against their company. This just isn’t true.

Filing for workers’ compensation, also known as worker’s comp, is not the same thing as filing a lawsuit against your employer. It’s nothing more and nothing less than filing an insurance claim.

As a worker injured on the job, you are entitled to the protection of the North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act. The Workers’ Compensation Act entitles you to payment of your medical expenses.

You should not have to pay out of pocket for medical expenses after your workplace injury. Your workers’ compensation lawyer can work to help make sure that doesn’t happen. At Dummit Fradin, our workers’ compensation attorneys are experienced in handling claims for medical benefits.

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Workers’ Compensation & Medical Benefits

In North Carolina, the Workers’ Compensation Act exists to help injured workers. The law mandates that employers and their insurance companies pay for all medical bills associated with your workplace injury. That includes bills for doctor’s visits, and other medical professionals, to treat your injury or illness.

Medical benefits also include payment for prescription medications. And, it even includes reimbursement for mileage to your doctor. If your employer or their insurance company is denying payment of your medical bills, call our legal team today. You need someone in your corner who knows the NC workers’ compensation law. We will work tirelessly to make sure you get the workers’ compensation you deserve.

Occupational Disease

What if you didn’t fall or have an accident? What if you were continually exposed to harmful conditions in the workplace? Do you still need a workers’ compensation attorney? The answer is yes.

While most workplace injuries occur as a result of a workplace accident like a fall, some workplace hazards occur over time through harmful exposure. Workers’ compensation laws do not just protect those who are injured in accidents. The law also protects workers who are continually exposed to harm that causes an illness or disease. It’s in your best interest to contact a Dummit Fradin workers’ compensation attorney as soon as possible. We will litigate your case and fight to ensure that you receive every benefit you’re entitled to.

Examples of occupational diseases include:

  • Lead poisoning
  • Blisters due to the use of tools in the workplace
  • Illness from asbestos
  • Loss of hearing caused by harmful noises in the work place

If you are injured on the job, you are entitled to medical benefits, out of work benefits, and benefits for permanent injuries. If you are not getting all the benefits you deserve, you have the right to a hearing before the Industrial Commission. At Dummit Fradin, we are experienced in handling hearings and claims in front of the North Carolina Industrial Commission.

NC Workers Compensation Lawyers - Filing a Workers Comp Claim

What is a Hearing Before the Industrial Commission?

An injured worker who has been wrongfully denied workers’ compensation benefits can file a claim to be heard by the North Carolina Industrial Commission. The North Carolina Industrial Commission is the administrative body that decides workers’ compensation claims in North Carolina. Workers’ compensation cases are not tried in a traditional courtroom. The judge who presides over these hearings is called a Deputy Commissioner. Deputy Commissioners have similar authority to traditional judges: they can administer oaths, issue subpoenas, and enter orders and opinions among other tasks.

During a hearing before the Industrial Commission, the injured worker can present evidence to support that the injured worker deserves compensation. These hearings can vary in nature depending upon the complexity of the injured workers’ claim and the reason why the worker was denied workers’ compensation benefits.

Recovering Workers’ Comp for Foreign Nationals

The North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act includes protection for citizens of foreign countries. We are proud to say we have experience in handling workers’ compensation claims for our Hispanic and Latino clients.

It does not matter if you are a U.S. citizen. It does not matter if you are an undocumented worker. If you are hurt on the job or injured at work, you are still entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. Don’t hesitate to call Dummit Fradin to ensure you’re getting all the compensation you deserve. We have a full service translation team available to assist with Spanish speaking workers’ compensation claimants.

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