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Case Results

Disclaimer: The facts and circumstances of each case are different as such each case must be evaluated upon the unique  circumstances and facts. The results summarized here are not necessarily representative of the results obtained in all cases.

Dismissed – Solicitation of Prostitution

The Dummit Fradin legal team secured a dismissal of the Solicitation of Prostitution charge for our client after discovering a mistake made by the arresting officer in the charging instrument.

Dropped Charges – Drug Program

Our attorney recently helped a man who works hard, work harder. Our client has a good job and was being considered for a promotion, but a conviction on a charge of Possession of Marijuana would have stopped all that. The Dummit Fradin Law Firm understands that people make mistakes, and so our attorney worked with the District Attorney to get our client into a program that would help him. Our client was able to enroll in a substance abuse education program, and after completing this program his charges were dismissed.

Dismissed – DWI in Randolph County

A client with a commercial driver’s license came to our firm for help with a DWI charge after being pulled over at a DWI checkpoint in Randolph County. Dummit Fradin DWI attorney argued that the checkpoint lacked the proper purpose, and was conducted in an unreasonable way making the checkpoint unconstitutional. The judge agreed and our Motion to Suppress was granted. Meet with a DWI Attorney in NC If you've recently been charged with Driving While Impaired, you'll need an attorney with a lot of experience handling DWI cases in North Carolina. Dummit Fradin has fought DWI cases since 1990. We believe you deserve to know all your options when it comes to a serious charge like a DWI. That's why when you meet with a Dummit Fradin DWI attorney, they'll go over all your options and answer all your questions. Contact us today for a free consultation!

Exceeding a Safe Speed & Driving While Impaired | Not Guilty

State Failed to Prove Elements of the Crime On September 30, 2012, our client was charged with exceeding a safe speed and driving while impaired. The allegations were that she called the police to report an accident she was in where the car flipped on its side. When the officer arrived on the scene, one of the neighbors had come out and the client was outside the vehicle. The officer had her do a horizontal gaze nystagmus (HGN) test, a walk and turn test, and a one leg stand. He then performed an Alcosensor. But at trial, the officer admitted that he didn’t follow the proper health regulations, and the “positive” results were not allowed into evidence. After performing this test he arrested her for driving while impaired. On the scene, she advised that she was driving the car and reported the wreck as she was required to [...]

Domestic Violence Protective Order Granted Against Abusive Boyfriend

Our client had been seriously physically assaulted by her boyfriend throughout their relationship. She never told anyone about the abuse until recently. She finally decided that she had enough of the abuse and filed a request for a temporary emergency protective order. Our criminal defense attorney was able to negotiate with the defendant and, as a result, the client received a permanent protective order. The protective order required the defendant to move out of our client’s home and to have no contact with the client. Schedule a Consultation with a Criminal Defense Attorney Today Our criminal defense attorneys have extensive experience with a variety of criminal cases including domestic violence. Call today to have your case heard by our dedicated attorneys. They'll explain all your options and how they can help you get back to your daily life.

Dismissed – Assault by Pointing a Gun

A private warrant was sworn out against our client by a jealous girlfriend. The prosecuting witness cut our client’s tires and sent threatening text messages.  Our High Point criminal defense attorney was able to secure a dismissal of the assault charges against her client. Schedule a Consultation with Criminal Defense Attorney Today These types of criminal cases often require the knowledge of an experienced criminal defense attorney. A solid criminal defense attorney knows the confusion and anxiety you’re experiencing and can advise you on what defense strategies may be relevant to your case. Contact us today to schedule a personal case review.

False Assault Charges Dismissed | Respect for All People Under the Law

Police respond to a domestic violence call one night. They see that the husband has scratches on his face and arms, and begin to question the wife. What the officers do not see is the bruising on the wife’s body, particularly her back, where she has been beaten by the husband. The wife takes her culture’s beliefs seriously, and so she may not show the officer the wounds on her back because she can not remove her clothing in the presence of a man who is not her husband. The officers believe she is using this as an excuse for her attack on her husband but does not believe that she has been a victim, so she is arrested for assaulting her husband. She spends two days in jail. Department of Social Services (DSS) is called because they have an 8-year-old child. After DSS investigates, they determine that [...]

Dismissed – Assault on Female

Dummit Fradin criminal attorney was successful in having two Assault on Female cases dismissed against her clients in Guilford County. Need a Criminal Defense Attorney in Guilford County? Whether it’s a misdemeanor or felony charge, criminal convictions can have serious and lasting effects on your future. A solid criminal defense attorney knows the confusion and anxiety you’re experiencing and can advise you on what defense strategies may be relevant to your case. When you’re in trouble, turn to the trusted and experienced team of lawyers at Dummit Fradin. And remember, no matter how severe the circumstances, there is hope.

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