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Disclaimer: The facts and circumstances of each case are different as such each case must be evaluated upon the unique  circumstances and facts. The results summarized here are not necessarily representative of the results obtained in all cases.

Exceeding a Safe Speed & Driving While Impaired | Not Guilty

State Failed to Prove Elements of the Crime On September 30, 2012, our client was charged with exceeding a safe speed and driving while impaired. The allegations were that she called the police to report an accident she was in where the car flipped on its side. When the officer arrived on the scene, one of the neighbors had come out and the client was outside the vehicle. The officer had her do a horizontal gaze nystagmus (HGN) test, a walk and turn test, and a one leg stand. He then performed an Alcosensor. But at trial, the officer admitted that he didn’t follow the proper health regulations, and the “positive” results were not allowed into evidence. After performing this test he arrested her for driving while impaired. On the scene, she advised that she was driving the car and reported the wreck as she was required to [...]

Dismissed – Domestic Violence Protective Order

Our Greensboro criminal defense attorney represented a Greensboro client who faced a protective order. This prohibited him from contacting his ex-wife and two minor children for a year and other serious consequences. Our criminal defense attorney successfully had the Domestic Violence Protective Order dismissed in Guilford County, which allowed him to continue seeing his children.   Get our Criminal Defense Attorneys On Your Side The criminal defense attorneys at Dummit Fradin have years of experience handling all types of criminal cases, including domestic violence. Meet with us today to get started on a personalized defense strategy. We have offices throughout the Triad in Winston-Salem, Greensboro, and High Point for your convenience.

Dismissed – Carry Concealed Gun and Possession of Marijuana

A Dummit Fradin criminal defense attorney submitted a motion to suppress evidence due to the Winston-Salem law enforcement violating our client's Miranda rights. Our attorney succeeded in getting the charges dismissed after winning his motion to suppress evidence.   If you're facing a criminal charge, don't hesitate to contact our criminal defense team at Dummit Fradin. We have offices located in Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point. Our attorneys are always ready to listen to your case and give their honest feedback regarding your options. Call today to schedule a free criminal case consultation.

Dismissed – Assault on Female

Dummit Fradin criminal attorney was successful in having two Assault on Female cases dismissed against her clients in Guilford County. Need a Criminal Defense Attorney in Guilford County? Whether it’s a misdemeanor or felony charge, criminal convictions can have serious and lasting effects on your future. A solid criminal defense attorney knows the confusion and anxiety you’re experiencing and can advise you on what defense strategies may be relevant to your case. When you’re in trouble, turn to the trusted and experienced team of lawyers at Dummit Fradin. And remember, no matter how severe the circumstances, there is hope.

Unjust Drug Trafficking Charges To Be Dismissed

Our client was facing several felony drug charges including trafficking in heroin and opium. Under that charge alone, she was up against a mandatory 18-year minimum prison sentence. But, she was likely facing a 22-year prison sentence if convicted. Her bond was set at 1.5 million dollars. Our criminal defense attorney in Greensboro got to work right away. After in-depth research, she came across legislative updates that made it clear that our client was improperly charged with trafficking. At maximum, she should have been charged with Possession with Intent to Sell a Controlled (schedule II) Substance. Our attorney made this argument at a bond hearing and successfully reduced our client's bond from 1.5 million down to $100k. The judge even commented from the bench that he was reducing it in light of the fact our client was likely overcharged. The District Attorney, however, did not agree and continued to push the trafficking [...]

Not Guilty – DWI and Failure to Reduce Speed

Client was charged with DWI and failure to reduce speed. He had left a restaurant in the late evening after having two very large beers and a bit to eat. While driving around a corner, he went off the road. The police responded within minutes. Client was put through the battery of field sobriety tests, was arrested and eventually blew a .14 at the station in downtown Winston Salem, where he was charged with DWI and failure to reduce speed. An unsuccessful motion was made regarding the accuracy of the field sobriety test; however, importantly, the testimony of the officer who testified was clearly not credible. This credibility issue was brought to the forefront by Mr. Fradin. After a full trial on the merits, and the officer’s credibility continually challenged, Mr. Fradin successfully argued to the Forsyth county court that the state had not met its burden of [...]

Dismissed – DWI Charges

Representing a client with their first DWI charge, our attorney convinced the ADA to voluntarily dismiss the case during pretrial.

Dismissed – Traveling Salesman Speeding Ticket

A client came to us with a ticket for speeding 15 miles-per-hour over the legal limit. The client was a traveling salesman who was issued the ticket in a company car and therefore needed a dismissal to keep his current position. Our Dummit Fradin attorney successfully got the ticket dismissed without any fines, court costs, or classes needed. Our client can now continue his employment in sales without issue.

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