Divorce Mediation Saves Client Thousands in Guilford County

Attorney: Rebekah Morrison Case Type: Divorce Mediation Case Result: Custody retained and favorable distribution of marital property County: Guilford County Last month we helped a client in dire straits, who came to us in the midst of an ugly divorce.  He was devasted to discover his wife was accusing him of extensive marital misconduct and [...]

Divorce Mediation Saves Client Thousands in Guilford County2021-10-11T14:51:10-04:00

Mother Wins Full Custody, Permission to Travel Internationally

Attorney: Rebekah Morrison Type of Case: Motion to Modify Custody, Motion to Travel Internationally with a Child Case Result: Full custody granted to mother, permission to travel internationally granted County: Guilford County A mother with a joint custody order in place consulted with our team about getting it modified. She also wanted to travel to [...]

Mother Wins Full Custody, Pe