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DWI Interlock Device FAQ [Video]

In this video, attorney Clarke Dummit answers questions regarding DWI interlock devices, or ingition interlock devices. These in-car breathalyzers are often times a requirement for limited driving privileges after a DWI conviction in North Carolina. Video Transcript Jim: In the last segment, we touched on these interlock devices that are ordered by the court [...]

DWI Interlock Device FAQ [Video]2020-01-16T12:39:17-05:00

Post Trial Driving Privileges

Post Trial Driving Privileges Video Transcript Jim: Mike, after the trial, in the unfortunate instance that there is a conviction what's the very first thing that happens to my driver's license? Michael Fradin: Well, the thing you need to know Jim is that your license is going to be suspended automatically for one year, [...]

Post Trial Driving Privileges2019-06-04T16:08:57-04:00

Pre-Trial Driving Privileges

Pre-Trial Driving Privileges Video Transcript Jim: Mike, let's say I've just been charged with DWI. So, I guess one of the first questions is how can I get pre-trial driving privileges? Michael Fradin: Well, Jim that's one of the most asked questions for the first thing when people come into my office. You can't [...]

Pre-Trial Driving Privileges2019-06-06T10:41:20-04:00