Attorney: Erica Jackson

Type of Case: Child Support

Case Result: Father Granted Child Support with 50/50 Custody

County: Forsyth County

Attorney Erica Jackson recently represented a father in a child support case in Forsyth County. The client held 50/50 custody of his children and now needed Erica’s help in getting a fair child support arrangement.

Father Granted Child Support with 50/50 Custody

Months before the two parties even separated, our client took medical leave from his job while he had shoulder surgery.

The parties then separated and our client did not go back to his job after medical leave. Going back meant he’d have to work 2nd shift from 3:00 pm to 2:00 am without anyone to care for his children.

So he was forced to take a different job making less money.

Accurately Imputing Income for Fair Child Support

Although he no longer worked there, the county was trying to impute the first, higher-paying job income to our client on the Child Support Worksheet.

To do so, the court would have to prove that he quit the first job in bad faith and that it was an attempt to avoid paying child support.

After Erica’s effective presentation of the evidence, the judge found that our client acted appropriately and did not leave the first job in bad faith. Thus, the Judge did not impute income to him.

Once Erica Jackson calculated the worksheet based on our client’s current income, it turned out that the mother owed him child support.

So our client went from having to pay $299 per month in child support (despite having joint custody) to the mother owing him $89 per month in child support.

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