Immigration Attorney McCathern Painter discusses the great benefits to those legal permanent residents who decide to become full citizens of the United States even though they can reside in the country for their entire lives without changing their status.

  • Legal permanent residents, or green card holders, must comply with certain statutory requirements to remain in the United States. They are still susceptible to deportation for criminal convictions and must spend at least 51% of their time in the U.S. Citizens, on the other hand, need not comply with any requirements to maintain citizenship and cannot be deported, although they are subject to other criminal consequences.
  • Citizens are allowed to vote whereas permanent residences who vote or even register to do so will be barred from holding legal status in the U.S. permanently. This means citizens have some say in the governing of the country and their city while permanent residents do not.

Citizenship is a powerful protection with many benefits for immigrants who wish to remain in the United States their entire lives. If you or someone you know has questions about residency or citizenship, call one of our Immigration Attorneys at Dummit Fradin today!