Criminal Defense Attorney Patrick Apple discusses what larceny is and what the consequences could be in North Carolina. Larceny is the legal way of saying theft. It’s when one person takes and carries away the property of another with the intent to permanently deprive that person of the use of the property knowing they didn’t have the right to possess it. Larceny is a class one misdemeanor, the second-highest class of misdemeanor in North Carolina. Even a charge of larceny doesn’t look very good on your record and could deprive you of valuable jobs in the future. If convicted you could be facing an active sentence now. Further, since most larceny charges are shoplifting in nature and occur after statements are given, the best advice is not to give a statement at all. Don’t even speak to any non-attorney about a criminal matter without your attorney present. Any statement you make to loss prevention or law enforcement can be used against you at trial. If you’ve been accused of larceny or any other crime, it’s important that you have the best defense possible. Give one of our Criminal Defense Attorneys a call today. Let us help protect your rights.