With the help of immigration attorney Devon Senges, a North Carolina couple recently had their immigrant visa application approved in Ciudad Juarez. After a successful green card interview, or adjustment of status interview, the husband is now approved for legal permanent residency in the United States. The husband is a national of Mexico who has been living undocumented in the United States for over fifteen years. His wife, a United States Citizen, was his petitioner. And they are proud parents of three U.S. Citizen children.


The Green Card Interview Process

The couple started the residency process in 2016. As part of the process, they were required to apply for a forgiveness waiver before they could apply for residency. Forgiveness waivers are required when immigrants enter the country without inspection. Unfortunately, right now there is a severe backlog in immigrant visa applications at the American consulate in Ciudad Juarez. So, they waited nearly 1 year for his green card interview to be scheduled. It was finally approved in September of 2019.

The greatest challenge for the couple and their immigration attorney Devon Senges was patience. Currently, Ciudad Juarez is taking 9 to 12 months to schedule a green card interview after the application is submitted. The couple grew increasingly hopeless as the months dragged on. In fact, the wife told Devon that the weekend before the interview notice arrived, her husband had given up on ever receiving the interview.

Overcoming the New “Public Charge” Regulations

Further, changes to the “public charge” regulations have recently affected many immigrant families. The new regulations scrutinize immigrants on whether they are likely to receive public benefits in the future. To overcome this the family and attorney Devon Senges made sure all financial records were in compliance with the new regulations. Besides the financial records, Devon Senges supplemented the record with evidence of the husband’s many certifications of specialized training in his industry – demolition. As he is highly skilled in this dangerous line of work, it was easy to show with all of his training and certifications that he would continue to be the hardworking breadwinner in his family for years to come.

At Dummit Fradin we understand the level of trust clients put into our immigration attorneys. So, we handle every case with great care. In this situation, the client put all of his faith in attorney Devon Senges to guide him through this process. Because he was required to leave the United States to finalize the process if he was not approved he would have been stuck in Mexico and separated from his wife and children.

As of September 2019, our client is finally free of the debilitating fear of deportation and separation from his wife and family. He is now a proud legal permanent resident of the United States and his place alongside his family and his adopted country is secure.

Does Your Family Need a Green Card Interview?

Families thinking about starting any family-based petition process should make sure to hire an attorney who stays up to date with the latest USCIS government regulations. An experienced attorney will have a concrete plan for addressing major impacts that these wide-sweeping changes in policy could have on their family member’s case.

Do not try to navigate this complex process alone or with the help of only a friend or family member. Investing in an experienced immigration attorney is an investment in your family’s future. There is no investment more important.

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