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Children are the heart of the family. That’s why at Dummit Fradin we take the time to assess each situation in its own light. For some, an amicable resolution is not only preferable, but also possible. For others, the opposing side will make it impossible to resolve without a child custody battle. Our child custody lawyers in Winston-Salem, NC will listen to you and assess the best possible strategy.


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E nding a relationship is just the beginning of your children’s future lives. The other parent will continue to be a part of your children’s lives. As painful as the split is, it is critical that you attempt to work out what is best for the kids.

We here at Dummit Fradin take a holistic approach to the family unit ending, and work to figure out the best results for the future. If it is possible to work out the details without an ugly battle, that is always preferable, but many times you are forced to stand up for your children’s best interests. Our experienced child custody lawyers in Winston-Salem are ready to stand by you and work to get the best resolution.

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Erica Jackson
Erica JacksonAttorney
Erica Jackson is a dedicated child custody attorney in Winston-Salem, NC. Her years of experience with the Forsyth County Family Court System will benefit you as you navigate the NC child custody legal system.
Alexandra Haile
Alexandra HaileAttorney
Alexandra Haile is a family law attorney in Winston-Salem, NC. With her patience and determination, you can rest assured that she’ll go above and beyond for you. Contact her today for a child custody consultation.

Factors that Affect Child Custody in Winston-Salem

The judges in Winston-Salem are bound by North Carolina law to do what is in the child’s best interests, not what one parent wants over another. It is often better if you can work with the opposing side and come up with a schedule that is tolerable (equally disliked) by both parents.

If we are forced to make a judge resolve all of the issues, the court will look at many factors, including employment, how much time was spent care taking in the past, how nurturing the parent is, available time, and the home environment. When you meet with our child custody lawyers in Winston-Salem, they can help you determine the specific factors that apply to your case.

Positive Child Custody factors Winston-Salem judges consider:

  • Stable Employment.

  • Nurturing home environment.

  • How much time does/can the parent spend with the child?

Obviously excessive alcohol or drug use will be a negative factor, but there are other factors that may be less obvious, such as time spent traveling for work, and past abuse of others. It is impossible to know what facts a specific judge may weigh more heavily on a given day.

  • Alcohol or Drug abuse.

  • Criminal history.

  • Physical Abuse.

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Types of Child Custody in North Carolina

There are legal categories of child custody that range from full Sole Legal custody with no visitation by the other side (rare), to joint equal legal custody where both parents are forced to make decisions equally. There are also shades or degrees of physical custody that Forsyth County Judges will sometimes specify as visitation. This can be open-ended visitation, especially if the parents can get along, or it can be very structured and scheduled visitation. Contact our child custody attorneys in Winston-Salem today to discuss your options.

There are two broad distinctions:

  • Legal Custody: this deals with who will be making the decisions about health care, education, and what church for the children.

  • Physical Custody: this deals with who the children will actually be spending time with.

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Contested Child Custody in Winston-Salem, NC

The local rules of court in Winston-Salem require every Child Custody case to go through court-ordered mediation. After a lawsuit for Child Custody in Winston-Sale has been filed, the court will order mediation. In many cases, this goes nowhere, but this is an opportunity for the parties to meet on neutral ground with a neutral court mediator and discuss the possibility of resolving the issues without a court battle over custody.

When you work with our child custody lawyers in Winston-Salem, they’ll help you prepare for mediation and discuss strategies to help resolve the mediation. We can go through checklists of issues to consider and prepare for before the mediation. It is always good to have a plan and be able to start at one point and be able to make some concessions, but not too many.

  • Start from a position of strength knowing you can go on into the courtroom if needed.

  • Start from a position where you have some room to give up small concessions.

  • Keep an open mind, it is not about your winning, it is about the kids winning.

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Military Child Custody

Our child custody lawyers in Winston-Salem are proud to work for our military clients. We fight for your rights while you are fighting for ours. The North Carolina Statutes dealing with Child Custody give special consideration for a parent who is deployed.

§ 50-13.2. Who is entitled to custody; consideration of parent’s military service.:

  • A court may not consider a parent’s past deployment or possible future deployment as the only basis in determining the best interest of the child.

  • The statute further requires that Joint custody SHALL be considered when requested by either party.

  • The statute authorizes a Winston-Salem judge in a Child custody case to set specific means of electronic communication, including a flexible schedule to allow a deployed parent access to her/his children through skype or internet web chats.

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