Greensboro family law attorney, Jessica Culver, recently won a Motion to Dismiss for her client.

The opposing party, the father, had filed a Motion to Decrease Child Support. Our client, the mother, sought the help of attorney Jessica Culver who’s handled these types of cases in the past. After reviewing the case, our family law attorney prepared a Motion to Dismiss.

In court, the Judge granted Jessica Culver’s Motion to Dismiss and the father was ordered to continue paying the same amount in child support.

Child-Custody-Case-Win-Motion to Decrease Child Support Dismissed

Changing or Defending a Child Support Order in Greensboro, NC

To change a child support order in Greensboro, you really need the assistance of a competent attorney.  There are very specific procedural and statutory rules about what is required for a motion to be successful.

“If you don’t file the right motion, you could lose your case – even if you think you are in the ‘right’ as far as the facts go,” advises family attorney Jessica Culver.

Similarly, it’s important to have an attorney if you have to defend a motion to change a current order, like our client with the Motion to Decrease Child Support. A competent attorney may be able to spot weaknesses in the opposing party’s motion and fend off any unwanted changes to your child support or custody order.

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