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Immigration Case Expedited for Urgent Humanitarian Reasons

Our bilingual immigration attorney in Greensboro, NC helped a local woman get an expedited immigration process for “urgent humanitarian reasons”. We usually see these expedited processes granted in cases such as a dying spouse with a week to live. Except, in this case, there was no dying spouse. The woman was stuck in Mexico and separated [...]

February 15th, 2019|

Case Dismissed – Assault on a Female in Forsyth County

A husband was charged with assault on a female in Forsyth County for allegedly assaulting his wife. The charge was holding our client back from applying to become a United States Citizen. Luckily, our Winston-Salem criminal defense attorney secured a dismissal of the charges against the husband. There are two sides to every story. Never is that [...]

February 13th, 2019|

Alienation of Affection in NC Explained by Family Lawyer Jessica Culver

What is Alienation of Affection? North Carolina is one of only 6 six states in which you can still sue for alienation of affection. These types of lawsuits basically allow a spouse to sue their marriage's homewrecker. "So, if a third party has inserted themselves into your marriage in some way and destroyed the love [...]

February 13th, 2019|

3 Warning Signs of a Bad Client-Attorney Relationship

When you hire an attorney, you’re entrusting them with your future. So, you want to make sure they offer you the best representation possible. And while good results do matter, having a sound client-attorney relationship is just as important. Keep reading to learn the three biggest warning signs you’re in a poor client-attorney relationship. 1. [...]

February 7th, 2019|

Meet Dummit Fradin’s Super Lawyers Of 2019

We're excited to announce that two Dummit Fradin attorneys have received a Super Lawyers Award for 2019. Congratulations to Jessica Culver and Bree Ward! We're beyond proud of your accomplishments and honored that you make part of the Dummit Fradin team. According to Super Lawyers, "Every year, Super Lawyers evaluates lawyers across the country for [...]

January 24th, 2019|

Can I Lose My License After a DUI/DWI in NC?

Yes, the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles can impose various types of revocations the moment you are charged with a DWI. Not only are there consequences for a Driving While Impaired charge, but also for a conviction. Upon conviction, the NC DMV imposes at least a one-year revocation of your driver’s license. However, an [...]

January 23rd, 2019|

How much does a DUI cost in North Carolina? – Part I

Tallying up the total cost of a DUI or DWI in NC How much does a DWI cost in North Carolina? Unfortunately, fees and costs can quickly pile up, so we need to divide this list into two parts. Below, you’ll find a comprehensive list of the expenses you’ll incur before you even go [...]

January 23rd, 2019|

Court Ordered Community Service Opportunities in the Triad

What is court ordered community service? If you’re charged with a non-serious crime, your attorney could work towards reducing or replacing your penalties with community service. However, it is up to the district attorney's or judge's discretion to grant this. The judge can also impose certain requirements on the type of community service performed. [...]

December 10th, 2018|

Goldsborough in Top 5 Nominees for District Court Judge

On November 28,  the 18 and 18-H Judicial District Bar nominated attorney Stephanie Goldsborough for Guilford County District Court Judge. She is currently in the top five nominees for the vacant judicial seat. The vacant seat is a result of Governor Cooper electing Judge Lora Cubbage to another vacant seat in the Guilford County [...]

December 3rd, 2018|

Thanksgiving Eve, How to Stay Safe and Still Have Fun

Thanksgiving Eve is one of those holidays people don't know they celebrate. Widely popular in suburban towns, Thanksgiving Eve is a night to reunite with old hometown friends at the local bar. It's referred to as Black Wednesday, Blackout Wednesday, or Drinksgiving. As you might infer, Thanksgiving Eve is a night of heavy drinking [...]

November 14th, 2018|

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