Governor Cooper recently signed Senate Bill 704 into law, also referred to as the COVID-19 Recovery Act. Section 4.7 of this bill grants an extension to any valid DMV credential that would otherwise expire on or after March 1st, 2020, and before August 1, 2020. The extension is for five months from the date the credential would have otherwise expired.

Senate Bill 704 COVID-19 Recovery Act


The DMV credentials covered under the Senate Bill 704 extension include:

  1. Driver’s license.
  2. Learner’s permit.
  3. Limited learner’s permit.
  4. Limited provisional license.
  5. Full provisional license.
  6. Commercial driver’s license.
  7. Commercial learner’s permit.
  8. Temporary driving certificate.
  9. Special identification card.
  10. Handicapped placard.
  11. Vehicle registration.
  12. Temporary vehicle registration.
  13. Dealer license plate.
  14. Transporter plate.
  15. Loaner/Dealer “LD” plate.
  16. Vehicle inspection authorization.
  17. Inspection station license.
  18. Inspection mechanic license.
  19. Transportation network company permit.
  20. Motor vehicle dealer license.
  21. Sales representative license.
  22. Manufacturer license.
  23. Distributor license.
  24. Wholesaler license.
  25. Driver training school license.
  26. Driver training school instructor license.
  27. Professional Housemoving license.

This means if your driver’s license or vehicle inspection is set to expire on or after March 1, 2020, and before August 1, 2020, then it will be automatically extended for five months from the original date it was set to expire.

If your driver’s license, vehicle registration, vehicle registration, or other valid DMV issued credential expires between March 1st, 2020, and before August 1, 2020, and you are charged with a crime concerning the expiration then you may have a defense under Senate Bill 704. Senate Bill 704 states in part that: “A person may not be convicted or found responsible for an offense resulting from failure to renew a credential issued by the Division if, when tried for that offense, the person shows that the offense occurred during the time the credential is valid by extension under subsection (b) of this section.”

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Please contact Dummit Fradin if you are charged with a violation relating to any lapse in a DMV issued credential, including a lapse in your license and/or vehicle registration as you may have an absolute defense under Senate Bill 704.