“Dear DUMMITFRADIN: Please accept this E-mail as a thank you response for assigning one of your expertise trail attorneys to represent me in Court on July 20, 2015 Attorney Goldsborough. Attorney Goldsborough did an outstanding proficient job in representing me on the 3 cases that I was accused of. Needless to say, my family and I were worried sick about what to do and how to do it. But Attorney Goldsborough calmed us down by rapidly accessing the situations. She quickly developed a defense strategy for each case and rapidly brought each case to a swift conclusion with better than expected results. She went beyond the call of duty by taking a sincere interest in my immediate and long term wellbeing. She was always In-Touch while first making herself available on Friday, July 25, 2015 when I didn’t fully understand the trail Judge’s final judgment. Attorney Goldsborough explained all the pertinent information attached to each case knowing the Legal Playing Fields, she maneuvered their hurdles and brought home the best results that we could have hoped for. With her help, all is well now and I recommend Attorney Goldsborough mighty. In addition Attorney Goldsborough made a suggestion that I should pursue a claim for Equitable disbursing from my estranged wife. I have made a decision to go full force, please assign Attorney Tiffany Lail who is assigned to your Winston-Salem, NC office to handle this case for me Sincerely, GH”