I called the law office of Dummit Fradin in Winston-Salem and they offered to handle my case of a speeding ticket. I didn’t have to appear in court.  Following my scheduled court date, I received a letter from Attorney Michael Fradin informing me he was successful in reducing the charge, resulting in zero points on both my driver’s license and my insurance, for which I am most grateful and relieved. The fee was well worth it. If you get a speeding ticket, don’t risk getting points on your driver’s license and increasing the rate of your auto insurance; call Dummit Fradin.  I have never used this law firm before; I did my research of several law firms online before making my final decision, and I liked what I read about Dummit Fradin.  Therefore, in view of my research and the service I received, I can highly recommend Dummit Fradin.