Type of Case: Equitable Distribution, Alimony, Child Custody, and Child Support.

Case Result: Consent Order resolving all issues

County: Guilford County

Our family attorney helped a working mother in Greensboro who separated from her husband back in 2016.

Our client and her husband did not file this action in court until late 2019. Thus, there was a lot of co-mingling funds in that 3-year period of separation, which made things a bit confusing when it came time to value everything.

On the date of separation, the client was making 100k more than her husband and recently started working at a job making 100k a year. But her current job is only a contracting position for 6-12 months with no guarantee of renewal. When the parties separated back in 2016, the husband moved to Boston to start a new job. Our client continued to live in the marital home with the minor child and with the defendant paying for the utilities and mortgage from Boston.