Attorneys: Devon Senges

Type of Case: Citizenship

Case Result: US Citizenship Approved!

Location: North Carolina

Immigration Attorneys Devon Senges helped two clients successfully navigate the US Citizenship application and interview process. Both were granted US Citizenship after successful interviews – one on Monday and one on Tuesday.


Citizenship Approved for Client on his Birthday

For one client, passing the US Citizenship test means that he will never be separated from his wife and children ever again.

He was also extremely excited to buy his first concealed carry handgun after successfully completing a concealed carry handgun class taught by a former NC magistrate.

On the day of the interview he was paired with a very aggressive officer who second-guessed and made him justify every answer. But, due to preparation and mock-interview practice with Attorney Devon Senges, the client calmly and reasonably addressed each aggressive question from the officer.

Our client got the great news that his citizenship application was approved on his birthday!

Citizenship Approved for Elderly Gentleman on Election Day

The second client was an older gentleman with severe memory and recollection problems due to his advanced age.

Attorney Senges met with the client and his family before the interview to practice and prepare for every possible objection to the client’s memory difficulties. They focused on making sure the client and his family felt comfortable and prepared for what awaited them.

In the interview, the officer objected to the client having forgotten he was charged with gambling 25 years ago. But, our attorney aided the client in explaining his memory issues due to his advanced age to the officer’s satisfaction. He was approved on Election day!

Both clients received congratulations and approval immediately after the interview. They can be proud of the hard work they put in memorizing the difficult civic exam questions. And, they can now join the ranks of generations of immigrants who fought through adversity to earn US Citizenship to make a better life for themselves and their families.

Preparing for the US Citizenship Test?

Our biggest piece of advice if you’re taking the US citizenship test is don’t guess on the answer to any question and answer truthfully! In addition, use every tool at your disposal. For instance, there are many apps, Podcasts, and YouTube Videos now that can help you ace your civic exams.

Many potential applicants feel as if the US citizenship test will be “easy” and they can file without the help of an attorney. This is true for many people. However, for peace of mind and to know you have addressed every potential issue, talk to an experienced immigration attorney.

If you’re looking for a team leader who will prepare you well and cheer you on every step of the way – hire a Dummit Fradin immigration attorney! Contact us today for a consultation in Winston-Salem, Greensboro, or High Point.