DWI/DUI Case Results

Here you will find our most recent and notable DWI/DUI case results. Contact us today to schedule a personal consultation with an experienced DWI lawyer.

DWI Appeal a Success for Davie County Client

Attorney: Patrick Apple Type of Case: DWI and Misdemeanor Simple Assault Case Result: Motion to Suppress Granted - Voluntary Dismissal by the State County: Davie County Criminal defense attorney Patrick Apple successfully represented a client who was facing a charge of a first offense DWI in Davie County. The Traffic Stop Around midnight, 911 Dispatch [...]

DWI Appeal a Success for Davie County Client2021-06-24T15:00:07-04:00

Appeal Won for Civil Revocation of a CDL

A Greensboro client with a commercial driver's license, or CDL, was charged with DWI in Guilford County. As a result, our client was also hit with a civil revocation of his CDL, also known as a CVR. A civil revocation of a CDL can result in disqualification from using a CDL for one year. This [...]

Appeal Won for Civil Revocation of a CDL2019-10-24T09:45:40-04:00

DWI While Parked in a Driveway – Dismissed

Attorney: Patrick Apple Type of Case: DWI charge Case Result: Dismissed County: Guilford County Criminal defense attorney, Patrick Apple, helped a client fight a DWI charge in Greensboro, NC. Our client was charged with a DWI while parked in a driveway. If convicted, our client was facing a minimum sentence of 24 hours in jail, [...]

DWI While Parked in a Driveway – Dismissed2020-02-26T13:01:26-05:00

Stokes County DWI Charge Dismissed

A client approached our Winston-Salem legal team with a Stokes County DWI charge. On the second court date, DWI attorney informed the State that the Defense was taking the case to trial. The trial grounds were contesting that the State Crime Lab blood tests did not sufficiently establish impairment. After negotiating with the State Trooper [...]

Stokes County DWI Charge Dismissed2020-01-20T09:34:39-05:00

DWI Dismissed After Constitutional Rights Violation

Our criminal defense attorney in High Point successfully defended a man charged with DWI. After spotting a violation of the client’s constitutional rights in the officer’s in-car video, she filed a motion with the court. The officer stopped the client’s vehicle and had no constitutional basis. After a hearing, the motion was granted and the charges [...]

DWI Dismissed After Constitutional Rights Violation2020-03-24T17:27:38-04:00

Dismissed – Driving While Impaired

An out-of-state client came to us with a DWI or Driving While Impaired charge. He had appeared several times for court requesting a trial each time. While the prosecutor attempted to continue the case that was pending for over a year, our attorney contested and won the motion. The prosecutor had no choice but to [...]

Dismissed – Driving While Impaired2019-02-18T14:41:36-05:00

Driving Privileges Granted – Driving While Impaired

Representing a client who had blown a .22 on the breath test, our attorney successfully negotiated a plea deal wherein the breath test would be excluded. Getting this evidence excluded saved our client from having to install an Ignition Interlock device on his vehicle and paying installation and monthly monitoring fees. Our client was immediately [...]

Driving Privileges Granted – Driving While Impaired2019-12-11T10:36:44-05:00

Not Guilty – Driving While Impaired Greensboro, NC

A client came to us in Greensboro charged with a Driving While Impaired (DWI) . The DWI charge occurred in the middle of the night after the client left work. Our legal team tried the case to verdict. After showing that the stop was unreasonable, and the officer detained our client for an unreasonable length [...]

Not Guilty – Driving While Impaired Greensboro, NC2020-12-23T15:47:49-05:00

Dismissed – DWI in Randolph County

A client with a commercial driver’s license came to our firm for help with a DWI charge after being pulled over at a DWI checkpoint in Randolph County. Dummit Fradin DWI attorney argued that the checkpoint lacked the proper purpose, and was conducted in an unreasonable way making the checkpoint unconstitutional. The judge agreed and [...]

Dismissed – DWI in Randolph County2019-04-22T14:46:10-04:00

Not Guilty – DWI, Failure to Reduce Speed

A client was charged with DWI and failure to reduce speed. He had left a restaurant in the late evening after having two sizable beers and a bit to eat. While driving around a corner, he went off the road. The police responded within minutes. Our client was put through the battery of field sobriety [...]

Not Guilty – DWI, Failure to Reduce Speed2020-03-03T17:01:24-05:00
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