Attorney: Patrick Apple

Type of Case: DWI charge

Case Result: Dismissed

County: Guilford County

Criminal defense attorney, Patrick Apple, helped a client fight a DWI charge in Greensboro, NC. Our client was charged with a DWI while parked in a driveway.

If convicted, our client was facing a minimum sentence of 24 hours in jail, loss of driving privileges, a substantial increase in insurance premiums over the next five years, supervised probation, and significant costs and penalties among other things.


Getting Charged with DWI While Parked

Around midnight, police responded to a call reporting suspicious people walking in the woods near a neighborhood in Greensboro, NC. The police were unable to corroborate the allegations of suspicious persons. But, immediately after responding to the call they spotted our client driving from one driveway to another. Our client parked and turned o