Our founder, Clarke Dummit built this firm on DWI cases, and he is considered one of the leading voices for DWI defense statewide. Our firm has literally handled thousands of Greensboro DWI cases. When you hire a Dummit Fradin attorney, you get an entire team of Greensboro DWI legal professionals, a team who works together to give you the best defense possible. A Greensboro DWI is a complicated charge, and in court, it usually comes down to the finest details of a case; you need the experienced, knowledgeable team from Dummit Fradin to be on your side if you get a DWI.

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Our Dummit Fradin Greensboro DWI team is accustomed to fighting for our clients in and out of the courtroom. If you get stopped for DWI, you need a professional Greensboro DWI legal defense team on your side. Let us represent you. Call us today!

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E. Clarke Dummit
E. Clarke DummitAttorney
Clarke Dummit has been an aggressive courtroom trial attorney for over 30 years with extensive experience defending clients charged with a Greensboro DWI. His extensive experience and knowledge often leads to his speaking at DWI seminars around the state. His solid trial skills have yielded countless successful results at the state and federal level. He is licensed to practice in North Carolina, Federal District Court, U.S. Supreme Court, 4th Circuit Court of Appeals, and Tax Court.
Michael Fradin
Michael FradinAttorney
Well-versed about DUI laws and how to defend accused drivers, he furthered his knowledge by completing a DWI Detection and SFST Training Program on the Standardized Field Sobriety Tests approved by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. He has also spoken on DWI at various seminars. When it comes to protecting the rights of the men and women we represent, he lets nothing stand in his way. He works diligently to obtain the most positive case results possible.
Bree Ward
Bree WardAttorney
Bree’s area of practice focus’s on criminal defense and DWI’s. She is a frequent speaker at CLE (continuing legal education) events and she has taken and completed the NHTSA Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement (ARIDE) Training, which includes Standardized Field Sobriety Testing and Drug Recognition in impaired drivers. This allows her to better defend her DWI clients. Attorney Bree Ward is diligent, thorough, and works tirelessly to secure the most favorable outcome for her clients

Greensboro DWI : The DWI Stop

If you are pulled over for a Greensboro DWI, there are some preventative measures that may help you. If you are stopped for a Greensboro DWI, you will want to make sure that no action of yours can be used by the officer as additional evidence of “impairment”. If an officer pulls you over for a Greensboro DWI stop, one of the first things he will request is license and registration. The ideal place to keep these documents is on the visor so you can easily retrieve them and give them to the officer. If the documents were buried in the glove box, it will take longer to get them, and when you lean over, it could give the officer the opinion that your balance is affected, which he would utilize as further evidence of impairment.

The items below are intended to help you prevent the state from acquiring the evidence it needs to convict you of DWI:

  • Try not to make casual conversation with the officer. Be polite of course, but anything you say beyond the basic “Yes, sir” and “No, sir” could give the officer cause to say you slurred your speech. The less you need to speak to the officer, the better.

  • Officers are trained to ask you distracting questions, especially if they suspect you’re impaired. They’re checking to see if you’re confused easily.

  • Try to avoid eye contact if possible (Avoiding eye contact makes it harder for the officer to testify that your eyes were red and glassy).

  • Refuse to perform any field sobriety tests. The law does not require that you perform these “tests”, and all they can really do is assist in establishing probable cause against you for your arrest.

There are no one-size-fits-all rules for DWI cases. Almost everything depends on how much you’ve had to drink. Please don’t give up your rights! call our experienced Greensboro DWI lawyers to help if you have been charged.

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Greensboro DWI : Punishment and effect on your driver’s license

If you get charged and convicted of a Greensboro DWI, you will definitely lose your license. It is important to note the difference between being charged and convicted. If you are charged you get your day in court, and with the right experienced Greensboro DWI attorney, avoid conviction. Even if you do get convicted, a qualified Greensboro DWI attorney that mounts a vigorous defense of your rights is crucial to reducing the penalties. There are 6 possible levels of sentencing that vary in degree of punishment from community service to 3 years in prison. If you are charged with a Greensboro DWI, you deserve to be represented by a team of legal professionals with over 30 years experience defending clients just like you. So call us today and let us defend you!

If you are convicted of DWI, you will definitely lose your license for a minimum of 1 year, and you may not be able to drive at all during that suspension. Suspensions vary, depending on several factors, anywhere from a 1 years suspension up to permanent suspension for habitual offenders. Even if you are going to be convicted, having a qualified Greensboro DWI attorney to represent you can help reduce or avoid the penalties. Call us today if you have been charged with a Greensboro DWI and let us defend you!

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Greensboro DWI : Defense options

In a Greensboro DWI case the prosecution must prove several elements in order to successfully win a case. The law states that the prosecution needs to prove you were driving the vehicle and that you were impaired on an impairing substance at that time.

The defense can prevent evidence from being presented at trial proving these elements, and thus preventing the prosecution from proving its case. There are many defense strategies in a Greensboro DWI cases, but your attorney should be attempting to achieve a :

  • Dropped or dismissed case

  • A not-guilty ruling

  • If the evidence cannot be overcome, then your attorney should seek the least possible sentencing.

Below are some common defenses for Greensboro DWI charges:

  • Lack of a reasonable articulable suspicion for the officer to make the stop

  • No probable cause to arrest

  • Evidence of impairment is not admissible or is lacking

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