Charges: Obtaining Property by False Pretenses

Case Result: Dismissal of all 5 felony charges

County: Stokes

What Happened

One of our clients was facing 5 counts of obtaining property by false pretenses. Due to factors outside of her control, our client’s business dissolved. So our client was out of work, but the State was trying to collect money on an overpayment billing error.

With each charge, our client faced the potential of months in prison. As a result, she would become a convicted felon. She’d temporarily lose her voting rights, and lose her ability to possess a firearm. In addition, she’d face difficulties in future employment opportunities, as some employers have policies from hiring convicted felons.


The Defense Strategy

Our client needed time to get back on her feet and earn money to resolve the overpayment issue. Stokes County is known for disposing of cases quickly and not granting many motions to continue. Our Winston-Salem criminal defense attorney spoke with the State’s witnesses and prosecutor about the case. He indicated a plan for repayment, but that they would need longer continuances. The State agreed to those terms, and our attorney was able to continue the case long enough for the client to earn the money to pay back the owed amount.

Charged for False Pretenses in North Carolina?

It can be overwhelming when facing a large debt to even begin paying it off. But the client did a great job of communicating with attorney Maradiaga about her financial situation. They devised a plan for her to make small payments, one at a time. She followed our attorney’s advice on making small payments. Then as she saw the balance was going down to something manageable, she accelerated her payments. Our client was able to get everything paid by the very last court date.

Do not be afraid to let your attorney know where you are at.

I understand that nobody has in their budget a line for legal costs. Everyone would like to spend their money on the things that matter most to them. It can be helpful to reorient one’s priorities. One’s freedom is of utmost importance. Prioritizing one’s legal case can be painful in the short run. Yet, the freedom felt of finally being over with the case and having a great result is always worth it.

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