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Recent and Notable Greensboro Case Results

Here you’ll find a number of Greensboro case results that illustrate how our attorneys handle a variety of cases in Guilford County. From domestic to criminal cases, our attorneys are dedicated to helping each and every client.

Disclaimer: The facts and circumstances of each case are different as such each case must be evaluated upon the unique  circumstances and facts. The results summarized here are not necessarily representative of the results obtained in all cases.

Motion for Appropriate Relief Granted in Guilford County

Our client, like many others, got a dreaded speeding ticket in Guilford County. Unfortunately, Guilford County has a new policy that makes it difficult to get a reduction on any speeding charge where the top speed is over 90 miles per hour. So, our client hired legal counsel. Attempting a Prayer for Judgement Continued Her previous lawyer helped her get a Prayer for Judgement Continued. This is a motion unique to North Carolina that allows people with traffic violations to plead guilty to an offense and ask for a Prayer for Judgement from the judge. If the judge grants the Prayer for Judgement, the offense is not entered against the defendant. It is still documented, but points are not added to the person's driving record. However, one caveat is that there's a limit to the number of Prayers for Judgement a judge can grant per household. And, the [...]

Mother Wins Primary Custody After Successful Negotiation

A mother in Guilford County wanted to fight for primary custody of her child. So, she turned to Greensboro domestic attorney, Jessica Culver. Jessica Culver and her domestic team prepared for trial thinking a settlement was not possible. Attorney Jessica Culver arrived for the trial that morning and unpacked her materials, including a 3-inch binder with tabs for 15 exhibits. Shortly thereafter, opposing counsel informed her they were interested in revisiting the settlement negotiations. Jessica argued consistency and stability were in the minor child's best interests. The minor child had spent the majority of the time with the mother and was comfortable in her home. The Dummit Fradin team negotiated a consent order granting primary custody to the mother. This custody order secures her rights as the primary parent. Should anything arise in the future, this custody order can be enforced by the contempt powers of the court. [...]

Not Guilty – Driving While Impaired Greensboro, NC

A client came to us in Greensboro charged with a Driving While Impaired (DWI) . The DWI charge occurred in the middle of the night after the client left work. Our legal team tried the case to verdict. After showing that the stop was unreasonable, and the officer detained our client for an unreasonable length of time, the judge found our client Not Guilty.

Victory – Father’s Custody Protected

A Dummit Fradin Family Law attorney represented a father in a custody case in Greensboro. The wife had fled the county with all five of their minor children, age 2 to 15. After a full trial, the Judge ordered that all 5 children be returned to the custody of their father and live with him and ordered that the wife not take the kids again.

Contempt Hearings for Child Support & Custody a Success

Family law attorney, Jessica Culver, recently won two Contempt hearings against the same father – one in custody court and one in child support court. Child Support Contempt Hearing In the child support matter, Jessica Culver won the Show Cause Motion by showing that the father had not paid any of the ordered child support while having the ability to pay it. Additionally, she asked the court to use his “bad faith” behavior at a past high earning job to impute his income for calculating child support. Attorney Jessica Culver submitted evidence to show the father had acted in a manner that would foreseeably result in his termination from employment, embezzlement.  Indeed, he was fired from the lucrative job.  When he got a new job, it paid significantly less.  His entirely predictable demotion showed that he acted in conscious disregard of his obligation to support his child.  Our [...]

Motion for Contempt Reunites Father and Son

Our client in Greensboro was denied visitation with his son for over a year. Our Attorney successfully argued a Motion for Contempt in Guilford County. The Judge reinstated visitation effective immediately and found his wife in contempt of court for withholding visitation. Our client had been denied any and all visitation with his son and we were able to reunite them through the successful representation. Meet with a Child Custody Lawyer in Greensboro, NC Knowing how to handle child custody issues requires good knowledge of the laws in the particular state and county. Our Greensboro child custody lawyers have decades of experience advocating for clients in Guilford County. Contact us today to meet with an experienced child custody lawyer in Greensboro.

Dismissed – Carrying a Concealed Weapon

Our criminal attorney was successful in having misdemeanor Stalking and Carrying a Concealed Weapon charges dismissed in Guilford County Superior Court for a client this week.

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