Our client had a permanently revoked license after getting 3 DWIs. To fight the revocation, our client requested an administrative hearing with the NC DMV. Unfortunately, these hearings can be tough to win without proper representation. Our client lost the hearing and his licensed continued to be permanently revoked.


Restoring a Permanently Revoked License Requires a Solid Strategy

With a permanently revoked license, our client’s independence and job were on the line. So, attorney Clarke Dummit stepped.

“When I take on a DMV case, I work with the client and his witnesses to collect and present the evidence needed to win the hearing after he had suffered a loss on his own.” – Clarke Dummit

Truthfully, it was an uphill battle since the evidence was presented poorly at the previous DMV hearing. Clarke Dummit needed to present a new perspective on the evidence. So, he called new witnesses, developed additional supporting evidence, and worked to show the recovery our client had under his belt.

There are two main issues which will work against a client in these types of cases. Driving when you are not allowed and being at risk of relapse with alcohol issues. An experienced attorney will work with a client to show recovery.

Another Administrative DMV Hearing Scheduled

This time around our client had Clarke Dummit on his side. After a solid presentation of the evidence, our client was granted a conditional restoration of his license.

We are excited that our client can regain his independence and resume a regular life. He is now free to go after that promotion at work since he can start driving and covering many job sites. This is definitely a life-changing win after not being able to drive for 9 years.

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If you have a Permanently Revoked License for DWI, or any other reason, come see an license restoration attorney who handles DMV Administrative Hearings on a regular basis. The administrative hearing process has its own hidden rules and way too many attorneys just do not know what they don’t know.

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