Traffic Defense Case Results

Here you will find our most recent and notable traffic defense case results. Contact us today to schedule a personal consultation with a traffic defense attorney.

Motion for Appropriate Relief Granted in Guilford County

Our client, like many others, got a dreaded speeding ticket in Guilford County. Unfortunately, Guilford County has a new policy that makes it difficult to get a reduction on any speeding charge where the top speed is over 90 miles per hour. So, our client hired legal counsel. Attempting a Prayer for Judgement Continued Her [...]

Motion for Appropriate Relief Granted in Guilford County2019-10-24T09:44:39-04:00

Dismissed – Speeding 25 Over in Greensboro, NC

Our client was cited for speeding 25 over the speed limit in Greensboro, North Carolina. If convicted of such a high speed, our client was facing revocation of their driver’s license. Fortunately, our Greensboro attorney was able to get the Assistant District Attorney to agree to dismiss the speeding ticket. Thus, the client’s Commercial Driver’s [...]

Dismissed – Speeding 25 Over in Greensboro, NC2019-07-29T15:26:17-04:00

Dismissed – Traveling Salesman Speeding Ticket

A client came to us with a ticket for speeding 15 miles-per-hour over the legal limit. The client was a traveling salesman who was issued the ticket in a company car and therefore needed a dismissal to keep his current position. Our Dummit Fradin attorney successfully got the ticket dismissed without any fines, court costs, [...]

Dismissed – Traveling Salesman Speeding Ticket2019-10-10T17:26:05-04:00

Pled Down – High Speed Ticket in Work Zone

Our Dummit Fradin attorney recently represented a client who was charged with a high speed traffic ticket in a work zone. The client had a Commercial’s Driver’s License and owned a small fleet of commercial vehicles on behalf of the company that he owns. Therefore, any points against his license would result in extremely high [...]

Pled Down – High Speed Ticket in Work Zone2019-12-23T12:12:03-05:00