Traffic Defense Case Results

Here you will find our most recent and notable traffic defense case results. Contact us today to schedule a personal consultation with a traffic defense attorney.

Dismissed – Speeding Ticket

Our client was cited for speeding 25 miles over the speed limit in Greensboro. With our client facing revocation of their driver’s license if convicted of such a high speed, our Attorney was able to get the Assistant District Attorney to agree to dismiss the speeding ticket, saving the client’s Commercial Driver’s License, and also their job.

Dismissed – Speeding Ticket2019-02-18T15:03:47-04:00

Dismissed – Traveling Salesman Speeding Ticket

A client came to us with a ticket for speeding 15 miles-per-hour over the legal limit. The client was a traveling salesman who was issued the ticket in a company car and therefore needed a dismissal to keep his current position. Our Dummit Fradin attorney successfully got the ticket dismissed without any fines, court costs, [...]

Dismissed – Traveling Salesman Speeding Ticket2019-02-18T15:04:34-04:00

Pled Down – High Speed Ticket in Work Zone

Our Dummit Fradin attorney recently represented a client who was charged with a high speed traffic ticket in a work zone. The client had a Commercial’s Driver’s License and owned a small fleet of commercial vehicles on behalf of the company that he owns. Therefore, any points against his license would result in extremely high [...]

Pled Down – High Speed Ticket in Work Zone2019-02-18T15:13:13-04:00