Our client, like many others, got a dreaded speeding ticket in Guilford County. Unfortunately, Guilford County has a new policy that makes it difficult to get a reduction on any speeding charge where the top speed is over 90 miles per hour. So, our client hired legal counsel.


Attempting a Prayer for Judgement Continued

Her previous lawyer helped her get a Prayer for Judgement Continued. This is a motion unique to North Carolina that allows people with traffic violations to plead guilty to an offense and ask for a Prayer for Judgement from the judge. If the judge grants the Prayer for Judgement, the offense is not entered against the defendant. It is still documented, but points are not added to the person’s driving record.

However, one caveat is that there’s a limit to the number of Prayers for Judgement a judge can grant per household. And, the biggest caveat in our client’s case is that they’re not granted to commercial drivers.

A few days later, our client got a letter stating that her CDL would be suspended. Her employer gave her until the end of the month to try and save her commercial license.

Filing a Motion for Appropriate Relief in NC

With her job at stake, she turned to the criminal defense team at Dummit Fradin. Attorney Patrick Apple and a former Dummit Fradin attorney worked together to save our client’s CDL.

While they faced opposition from the District Attorney’s office, they filed a Motion for Appropriate Relief. The motion highlighted the undue hardship our client would face including losing her job as the primary breadwinner.

Thanks to our attorneys’ persistent work, the judge granted the motion. Thus, the previous sentence was changed to a sentence of 9 over which protects our client’s commercial driver’s license.

Did you get a high-speed traffic ticket in the Triad?

The defense attorneys at Dummit Fradin urge you to seek legal counsel as soon as possible if you get a high-speed traffic ticket. And, if the traffic violation is in Winston-Salem, Greensboro, or High Point we’d be happy to provide a free quote. Contact us today!