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Today the Supreme Court of the United States halted the Trump administration’s attempt to shut down the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, known as DACA. Dummit Fradin offers our sincere congratulations to all of our clients, staff members, and their families who benefit from the protections this program affords!

We are proud to both employ and serve DACA recipients, who are some of the most hardworking and deserving neighbors we know. We have stood with you from the beginning, fought to protect your family’s future, and today we celebrate with you!


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June 2020 DACA Decision

In a 5-4 decision, Chief Justice Roberts emphasized that the President’s actions to eliminate the program which protects thousands of young people and their families were an unacceptable violation of the Administrative Procedure Act.

The Court ruled that the Administration failed to adequately reason, plan, and prepare for the devastation such a decision would cause to thousands of American families and employers. These actions undermine the trust of the American people and the orderly enforcement of our laws and society.

Today, the Court got it right. At Dummit Fradin, we will continue to fight for a just and secure future for all of our clients.

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Stay tuned to DummitFradin.com as we roll out announcements about the legal significance of this decision.  This opens many new issues.  We will be giving even more specific guidance on the practical ramifications about how this landmark decision affects current DACA holders, and whether it could open up the application process. Contact our team if you would like to discuss this with one of our experienced immigration attorneys.