Legal Separation: An Overview

Family Law Attorney Molly Brazil explains what legal separation means in North Carolina, what the benefit of having a separation agreement is, and whether a night with your ex will ruin your separation. What does it mean to be legally separated in North Carolina? You and your spouse must reside in different homes [...]

Legal Separation: An Overview2021-12-20T12:09:16-05:00

Legal Separation: Some Details

Family Law Attorney Jessica Culver addresses some more detailed questions about legal separation in North Carolina. Should you handle child custody in a separation agreement? You can handle child custody in a separation agreement, but we don't generally recommend it. A court order is a stronger document. And, should a dispute arise about [...]

Legal Separation: Some Details2021-12-20T12:08:41-05:00

What do I Need to do to be Legally Separated?

Family Law Attorney Rebekah Morrison details the minimum of what you need to do to be considered legally separated. You simply need your own place. That's it. However, there are some benefits to staying in the marital home. So, unless the marriage is so bad that you must leave immediately, it may be [...]

What do I Need to do to be Legally Separated?