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Divorce is one of the most difficult times that a family can endure. You need an attorney that understands the nature of the case and your desired outcome. Contact our divorce attorneys in Greensboro today and let’s start a new chapter in your life.

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The Greensboro divorce team at Dummit Fradin will guide you through the complexities of an absolute divorce in North Carolina. Divorce often gets messy and complicated. To get the best result, you will need an experienced, understanding legal team to fight for your rights. At Dummit Fradin, our knowledgeable divorce lawyers and staff are ready to take the helm and guide you to the best outcome for your family.

Absolute Divorce in Greensboro

A divorce in Greensboro, NC is also known as an Absolute Divorce. In North Carolina, the only legal method of ending a marriage is through a judgement of absolute divorce. North Carolina is a no-fault state, which means that neither partner in the marriage has to prove fault to get a divorce.

The process of getting a divorce in Greensboro seems simple. If you meet the criteria for filing a divorce you can petition the court for a judgement of absolute divorce. The judge will then grant the petition or explain why he cannot. But as with most simple things, they may end up being extremely complex. This is especially true when emotions and children are involved.

When things get complicated you need an experienced team of legal professionals to advocate for your rights and needs. At Dummit Fradin we’ll help you fight for your rights.

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Greensboro Divorce Attorneys 1
Greensboro Divorce Attorneys 1

Greensboro Divorce Criteria

The criteria for a Greensboro divorce are relatively simple.
  • Marriage must be legal.

  • One person in the marriage must be a citizen of North Carolina or have lived in the state for at least 6 months.

  • The married couple must live apart for one year.

  • The time spent living apart must have been with the purpose of ending the marriage contract.

Once all the conditions are met, a Greensboro Judge will either grant the divorce or instruct on how the above conditions were not met. If you need assistance filing for divorce, contact our divorce attorneys in Greensboro today. 
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Legal Separation in Greensboro, NC

A normal Greensboro divorce begins with a separation of at least one year. This separation needs to be with the intention of ending the marriage and both partners need to have separate residences. The Greensboro courts count the start date of the separation as the first day that you and your spouse started living apart with the intent to get divorced.
Living apart means separate residences; you cannot live in the same home and be considered separated.  This is the most common version of separation known as voluntary separation. There is another involuntary separation called “divorce from bed and board.” The Greensboro courts can force an involuntary separation. Although it is rarely done, it is wise to be aware of the possibility. An experienced divorce attorney can advise you if this is a feasable option for your case.
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