Checklist for what we need for your Expungement.

This list applies to convictions for Misdemeanor Alcohol Possession or for a conviction before you turned 18

1) Sworn affidavit by you: Stating your good behavior for 2 year period since the date of your conviction. (We will help draft this).

2) Verified affidavits of two persons not related to you (or each other), stating knowledge of your good character and reputation. (We will help draft this, but we need you to get the people prepared and get us their contact information).

3) An affidavits of the clerk of the court, or chief of police, or sheriff of the county in which you were convicted and, if different, the county where you currently live. (We will help draft this).

Each affidavit should attest that you have not been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor under the laws of NC at any time prior to the conviction in question or during the 2 year period following the conviction.

4) a Separate affidavit by you stating that no outstanding restitution orders or civil judgments representing amounts ordered for restitution are entered against you. (We will help draft this).

5) A statement indicating that this petition for expungement is a motion in the cause in the case that you were convicted. This must be specific- you can only get one expungement, even if you have two convictions that qualify to apply for expungement.

6) A fee of $125.00 paid to the clerk of superior court