Type of Case: Child Custody
Case Result: Primary Physical Custody Awarded
County: Guilford County

Our Greensboro family law team recently represented a mother who had been the primary caretaker of both of her young girls. The mother had been most involved with the major aspects of their lives, such as schooling and medical visits.


Remote Learning, Custody Schedules, and Tech Resources

However, a significant concern the mother had was the father’s ability to help their oldest daughter with remote learning. Her daughter was just about to start Kindergarten and it would be held online due to COVID-19. Our client knew that the current custody schedule of the father having the girls two nights per week was ideal, but the father wanted more.

As a result, our client was potentially facing having less time with her girls per week, despite being their primary caretaker. And, her kindergartener’s quality of education was also at stake.

Pro Se Challenges

The biggest challenge our team faced was the opposing party being pro se, without an attorney. Often times when an opposing party is unrepresented, it makes it difficult to agree without going to court. In this case, our team and our client had no choice but to go to court and fight it out.

Fortunately, after the opposing party testified in court, our team knew they had won the case in favor of the mother.

Our client no longer has to worry about what her oldest daughter will have to do in regards to her online Kindergarten classes. She can help her daughter start remote learning with confidence and provide all of the tools that she needs to learn consistently.

According to our family law team, it’s so important to stay on track and keep the best interests of the children at the center of focus. When people are pro se, it’s easy for them to get tied up in the past and the type of relationship that they had with the opposing party. Here, the pro se defendant lost track multiple times, but our team was able to redirect the focus of the judge to the main concern- the children. Our team would advise anyone to avoid getting wrapped up in the feelings for the other parent and to keep the best interests of the children at the center.

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