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In summary, this is what we know about the DACA Rescindment Announcement and Memo issued by the Department of Homeland Security:


1) No new initial applications will be permitted after today, September 5, 2017.

2) Initial applications submitted prior to today will be processed.

3) Currently pending renewal apps will be processed.

4) Anybody needing to renew their DACA (where their work permits expire prior to March 5, 2018) has 30 days until October 5 to file a renewal application.

5) Not in the memo, but on a press call, any new renewal DACA grants will be for two years.

6) Current DACA grants and work permits will not be terminated.

7) Advance parole (or travel permits) will no longer be granted from herein out.

8) Anybody with a current advance parole application will be refunded their fees.

9) Anybody previously granted advance parole will be able to use it prior to the expiration date.


Please contact your Senators and Representatives to let them know how important it is to save DREAMERS! PARTICULARLY CONGRATULATE Senator Tillis on his particular efforts with a bill to protect the DREAMERS/DACA.  Encourage Senator Burr to get on board.  If in SC, Congratulate Senator Graham for reintroducing the DREAM ACT last month and encourage him to keep up the good work.


Senator T. Tillis (NC) 704-509-9087 or 202-224-6342

Senator R. Burr (NC) 828-350-2437 or 202-224-3154

Senator L. Graham (SC) 202-224-5972

Senator T. Scott (SC)  202-224-6121

Congressional Representatives Directory –


This is a tragedy affecting 800,000 individuals who were brought here before the age of 16 and been in the United States before June 2007. What happens after DACA expires – nobody truly knows. Now is time for Congress to act.  However, Congress has not been able to protect this group for many years, and will be expected to act within six months.  Please encourage your representatives to act to save this amazing group of people that pay taxes, out of state tuition…. They are our doctors, our nurses, our teachers and our future.


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