North Carolina has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to underage drinking and driving. A person who is under 21 years old can be convicted of Driving After Consuming Under 21 with any positive reading of alcohol. This means a .01 can cost you your license and earn you a criminal record. A person under 21 who blows over the legal limit of .08 faces even more serious punishment, including the complete loss of license with no allowance for driving privileges. The consequences of drinking and driving underage may make it difficult to find employment, qualify for loans and impact other areas of a young person’s life. Having experienced legal representation in your corner is important! At the law firm of Dummit Fradin, our underage DUI defense attorneys will work hard to help minimize the potential consequences of this charge.


The penalties for underage drunk driving are different than those for individuals who are 21 years of age or older. Any amount of alcohol in the blood can prove costly. A DWI conviction for minors with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .01 to .07 involve serious penalties, including:

Driver’s license suspension of one year, although it may be possible to get a restricted license for essential activities

A mandatory minimum fine of up to $500, or a mandatory minimum of 50 hours of community service

Possible probation and the successful completion of an alcohol program

*A BAC of .08 or higher will result in the additional charge of Driving While Impaired.


Over the years, our DWI lawyers at Dummit Fradin have learned how prosecutors respond to underage drunk driving allegations. We will thoroughly investigate the charges against you and explore all available defenses. This may include challenging the results of the Breathalyzer test, as well as the officer’s actions both during and after the arrest. When your future is at stake, do not resign yourself to the fate laid out by the prosecution. We can help you fight back with an aggressive defense.

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