Our client was facing several felony drug charges including drug trafficking charges in heroin and opium. Under that charge alone, she was up against a mandatory 18-year minimum prison sentence. But, she was likely facing a 22-year prison sentence if convicted. Her bond was set at 1.5 million dollars. Learn how our attorney was able to get the drug trafficking charges dismissed.


Getting the Drug Trafficking Charges Dismissed

Upon accepting the case, our criminal defense attorney in Greensboro got to work right away. After in-depth research, she came across legislative updates that made it clear that our client was improperly charged with trafficking. At maximum, she should have been charged with Possession with Intent to Sell a Controlled (schedule II) Substance.

Our attorney made this argument at a bond hearing and successfully reduced our client’s bond from 1.5 million down to $100k. The judge even commented from the bench that he was reducing it in light of the fact our client was likely overcharged.

The District Attorney, however, did not agree and continued to push the trafficking charge that carried the mandatory minimum prison sentence.

After many discussions surrounding the legal sufficiency of the charges, negotiations, and court appearances, our attorney got the charges reduced to PWISD schedule II.

Finally, our attorney presented the case in front of the proper judge. As a result, our client was referred to and accepted into drug treatment court. Once she successfully completes the treatment, the courts will dismiss all of the charges against her.

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