You’ve recently been stopped by the police and accused of DWI. A million thoughts are probably racing through your head.

  • What do I do now?
  • Will I lose my license?
  • What about my insurance?
  • Who should I talk to?

Our 5-step list will walk you through what do after a DWI charge in North Carolina. Follow these steps and you’ll be well-prepared to make the right decisions for your DWI case.

5 Things To Do After DWI Stop

Write Down Everything Immediately After a DWI Stop

DWI cases are won and lost with their details. So write down everything you remember from your DWI stop, no matter how insignificant. Do it now. Your memory will fade over time, and important details that could help win your case could be lost. Here are some questions to jog your memory:

  • When and where were you stopped?
  • What reason did the officer give for your stop?
  • What sort of tests did they do? (Eye-tracking, walk and turn, one leg stand?)
  • Was a breath test administered?
  • Did you make any phone calls?
  • Who did you call and at what time?

Take some time to write down everything you can remember from the stop. Just don’t share it with anyone but your attorney.

Mark your online profile as private

Remember the phrase “anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law?” Well, in this era of social media, anything you post online can and will be used against you too. Prosecutors can and often scour Facebook and Twitter looking for incriminating photos or posts to use against DWI defendants especially if they are from that night.

Presented out of context, these public materials can damage your reputation enough to turn a jury against you – even if you’re innocent. Don’t give the other side ammunition. We cannot tell you to remove any incriminating photos or posts of yourself online today, but you can and should mark your profile as private and for heaven’s sake don’t post about it online.

Find Witnesses

Talk to your friends, family, and acquaintances – especially if they saw you right before, right after, or even during your stop. Ask them if they would be willing to testify on your behalf in court. Witnesses can go a long way to strengthen your defense, so gather as many as you can. Your attorney will want to give their statements- because people forget things rather quickly. A drinking or non-drunk alibi witness can make the difference between guilty and not guilty.

Hire the Best DWI Lawyer

The most important decision you’ll make for your DWI case is which lawyer will defend you in court. DWI cases involve a lot of technical details and very different and specific procedures. In fact, the alcohol tests that are normally the main piece of evidence MUST follow specific scientific procedures, if they do not the evidence could be invalidated. Knowing the science behind the tests is the only way an attorney can challenge those results; knowing the science better than the police or the DA is what allows an attorney to win those challenges.

Don’t Obsess

Your DWI case is likely among the most stressful events of your life. It’s natural to obsess over the consequences and the outcome. Let your attorney take care of the details. Make sure to maintain good communication with your attorney and ask about anything that might concern you. An experienced attorney will fight for your case and can take much of the stress and burden off your shoulders. So try to live your life normally.

The Attorneys at Dummit Fradin Attorneys at Law have been defending DWI cases for over 30 years. We would love to represent you and help get the best possible result for your case. After a DWI charge, contact us to schedule a free DWI consultation.