Yes, the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles can impose various types of revocations the moment you are charged with a DWI. Not only are there consequences for a Driving While Impaired charge, but also for a conviction. Upon conviction, the NC DMV imposes at least a one-year revocation of your driver’s license. However, an experienced DWI attorney will help you get privileges to get you driving again, or file for a hearing and challenge the DMV on the revocation.


Never settle for an attorney that tells you without reviewing the state’s evidence that the case must be for a plea. The decision of whether a case should be for trial or for plea can only be made after carefully reviewing the police report, video, and all applicable defenses. Even if convicted, an attorney can draft limited driving privileges to help you drive to and from work while you complete the revocation period. Read ahead on more of the common types of DWI revocations.

30-Day Civil Revocation

The most common revocation i