This Stolen Green Card Story is for the Books

Dummit Fradin immigration attorney, Devon Senges, recently helped a young Venezuelan woman restore her stolen green card. However, the young woman's story is a bit more complicated than her simply misplacing it. Learn how she was able to recover her stolen green card with the help of our determined immigration attorney. In 2011, a high [...]

This Stolen Green Card Story is for the Books2019-10-24T09:46:50-04:00

High-Stakes Custody Trial Won in Randolph County

Dummit Fradin trial attorney, Patrick Apple, recently won a high-stakes custody trial for our client in Randolph County. This sensitive child custody trial involved sexual abuse allegations and multiple experts were involved. Attorney Patrick Apple was expertly able to impeach the testimony of the child. The 5-year-old child was using words like "custody" in the [...]

High-Stakes Custody Trial Won in Randolph County2019-10-24T09:47:29-04:00

Contempt Hearings for Child Support & Custody a Success

Family law attorney, Jessica Culver, recently won two Contempt hearings against the same father – one in custody court and one in child support court. Child Support Contempt Hearing In the child support matter, Jessica Culver won the Show Cause Motion by showing that the father had not paid any of the ordered child support [...]

Contempt Hearings for Child Support & Custody a Success2019-04-09T14:54:42-04:00

Unjust Drug Trafficking Charges To Be Dismissed

Our client was facing several felony drug charges including drug trafficking charges in heroin and opium. Under that charge alone, she was up against a mandatory 18-year minimum prison sentence. But, she was likely facing a 22-year prison sentence if convicted. Her bond was set at 1.5 million dollars. Learn how our attorney was able to get [...]

Unjust Drug Trafficking Charges To Be Dismissed2019-11-01T10:07:03-04:00

Immigration Case Expedited for Urgent Humanitarian Reasons

Our bilingual immigration attorney in Greensboro, Devon Senges, helped a local woman get an expedited immigration process for “urgent humanitarian reasons”. We usually see these expedited processes granted in cases such as a dying spouse with a week to live. Except, in this case, there was no dying spouse. The woman was stuck in Mexico [...]

Immigration Case Expedited for Urgent Humanitarian Reasons2019-10-24T09:47:52-04:00

DACA Awarded to Young DREAMer in NC

Our Greensboro immigration attorney successfully obtained DACA for a young DREAMer who the government said lacked the proper documentation to prove he qualified. Our attorney won the case by working collaboratively with her client to come up creative ways to show he qualified despite lack of 'traditional' documentation that many immigrants lack due to their legal [...]

DACA Awarded to Young DREAMer in NC2019-10-24T09:49:41-04:00

4 years of Separation Over

Our Greensboro immigration attorney successfully reunited a client with his wife and young daughter after the family had endured nearly four years of heartbreaking separation. The U.S. embassy had falsely accused the United States Citizen and his wife of having a "sham" marriage and had denied the wife's visa. Our attorney was able to overcome the denial and reverse the mix-up by slashing through years bureaucratic red [...]

4 years of Separation Over2019-10-24T09:49:46-04:00

Family Reunited

Our Greensboro immigration attorney successfully reunited three United States Citizens with their parents after U.S. immigration laws forced them to live apart for over ten years. Nuestra abogada de inmigración en Greensboro reunió exitosamente a tres ciudadanos de los Estados Unidos con sus padres después de que las leyes de inmigración de los Estados Unidos [...]

Family Reunited2019-10-24T09:49:51-04:00

Dismissed – Domestic Violence 50B

Our client in Greensboro was wrongfully restrained from his family with a Domestic Violence Restraining Order or 50B was reunited with them today after our Attorney showed that he was and had never been a threat to his family.

Dismissed – Domestic Violence 50B2019-02-18T14:40:19-05:00

Dismissed – Domestic Violence Protective Order

Our Greensboro criminal defense attorney represented a Greensboro client who faced a protective order. This prohibited him from contacting his ex-wife and two minor children for a year and other serious consequences. Our criminal defense attorney successfully had the Domestic Violence Protective Order dismissed in Guilford County, which allowed him to continue seeing his children. [...]

Dismissed – Domestic Violence Protective Order2019-03-18T15:20:04-04:00
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