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Busting 4 Common Divorce Myths

If you have not been through a divorce but are considering filing, chances are you have heard many contradictory or flat-out untrue things about the process. These divorce myths may have even caused you to take or prevented you from taking certain actions. No matter where you may be in the divorce process, it is [...]

Busting 4 Common Divorce Myths2019-05-10T15:36:59-04:00

Determining Spousal Support in North Carolina

In the event of a divorce or separation, one spouse may be eligible to seek alimony (§ 50-16.3A.) or post-separation support (§ 50-16.2A.) from the other spouse. In North Carolina, courts will award spousal support to a dependent spouse. A dependent spouse is one that earns insufficient income to maintain the standard of living received [...]

Determining Spousal Support in North Carolina2020-03-05T15:16:44-05:00

How North Carolina Courts Determine Child Custody

Matters involving the custody and futures of children are often the most important in family law cases. Whether you are considering divorce with children or have another custody issue, understanding the process and what courts consider when making custody arrangements can help you prepare a case that puts you in position to secure the results [...]

How North Carolina Courts Determine Child Custody2019-02-20T12:15:04-05:00

Child Support Deviation

The NC Child Support Guidelines determine the formula of how much a parent will owe in child support. But, the Judge may deviate from these guidelines. This is often referred to as child support deviation. There are many factors a Judge will use in determining child support calculations. In North Carolina, child support is calculated [...]

Child Support Deviation2019-10-14T16:04:02-04:00

Child Support: Imputing Income

Generally speaking, courts will impute income to a parent when a parent is underemployed or earning less that what they were previously earning without good reason. In other words, courts don't allow parents to voluntarily stop working or drastically lower their incomes in order to avoid child support payments. When breakups and divorces occur, it [...]

Child Support: Imputing Income2017-12-29T20:06:47-05:00

The Battle for Third Party Custody in NC

In child custody cases there are times when a non-parent wants to pursue custody of a child. This is referred to as third party custody. In these types of cases, there are certain obstacles that non-parents will need to overcome. The Child's Best Interest When parents are faced with a dispute involving custody of their [...]

The Battle for Third Party Custody in NC2019-05-31T10:10:37-04:00

Child Custody in NC: What You Need to Know

When it comes to determining child custody in NC, there are many factors to consider and decisions to be made. The child custody process in North Carolina can often be a confusing one for parents, as statutory law does not define well all the many facets of custody. Legal Custody vs. Physical Custody In a [...]

Child Custody in NC: What You Need to Know2020-01-09T17:11:54-05:00
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