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Biden Issues New ICE Enforcement Memo

Just as North Carolina braced for another ice storm, President Biden issued an ICE enforcement memo that emphasized stricter criteria for deportations in the United States. What does the ICE Enforcement Memo include? ICE officers will need preapproval from a senior manager before trying to deport anyone who is not a recent border crosser a [...]

Biden Issues New ICE Enforcement Memo2021-02-19T12:21:57-05:00

U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021

On Thursday, February 18, congressional Democrats introduced the U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021. The new proposal largely mirrors the immigration reform bill introduced by President Biden on his first day in office. What does the U.S. Citizenship Act include? The U.S. Citizenship Act includes an 8-year pathway to citizenship, lifts hurdles for workers to legally immigrate [...]

U.S. Citizenship Act of 20212021-02-19T10:30:28-05:00

President Biden’s Immigration Reform Bill 2021

Leer en Español President Joe Biden has unveiled a sweeping new immigration reform bill that offers legal status and a path to permanent residency to a large group of undocumented non-citizens. Our immigration team has taken the time to read the reform bill and explain how the bill may positively affect your case. [...]

President Biden’s Immigration Reform Bill 20212021-01-22T17:16:31-05:00

New Immigration Executive Orders & Memos Under President Biden

Leer en Español On January 20, 2021, Joseph R. Biden was sworn into office alongside Kamala Harris as his vice president. The inauguration was a much anticipated moment for the immigrant community as there had been talks about sweeping immigration reform. Later that evening, President Biden signed 17 executive orders and other directives, [...]

New Immigration Executive Orders & Memos Under President Biden2021-03-31T09:31:26-04:00