In 2017 the Federal District Court for the Northern District of California issued a preliminary injunction. It prevented the Trump Administration from ending the renewal process for DACA participants. It also allowed time for the courts to decide if the Trump Administration could lawfully end the DACA program. So, the government appealed the decision to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.
DACA Rally for Immigrant Rights

Los Angeles March for Immigrant Rights | Photograph by Molly Adams

November 2018 DACA Update

On Thursday, November 8, 2018, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the district court’s injunction. Thus, preventing the government from ending the DACA renewal program. The Ninth Circuit determined the government based their decision on the “erroneous legal premise” that Obama’s DACA executive order was an unconstitutional use of executive authority. The Ninth Circuit declined to say whether or not the government could end the DACA program at their own discretion. But they determined the