Robbie Wilson came to our Greensboro Office after attending an Interlock Violation Hearing without an attorney in June of 2015.  As you can see from the transcript of the Hearing (HERE) the hearing was completely unfair and prejudged by the hearing officer.

The interlock attorney filed an appeal within the 30 days deadline, but the State Assistant Attorney General attempted to argue that the deadline started from the Hearing Date rather than the Revocation date as stated in the statute.   

 The battle dragged out so long that the attorney became a Judge and attorney Clarke Dummit stepped in to see the appeal through.  We fought the case for several years with multiple Superior Court hearings before finally getting the case remanded back to the Division of Motor Vehicles for a fair hearing.  This time Robbie had an experienced interlock attorney and the hearing went smoothly, and we won.  The fight took two years, but Robbie now has his full driver’s license without any interlock restrictions and no violation.  

 Robbie said it was fine with him to post this transcript so others could know what they face when they go into a hearing like this.   

 Robbie’s statement about this ordeal was  “This whole process about a supposed ignition interlock violation has been a nightmare.  I wish I had hired an attorney prior to the first hearing, but I am happy to finally have this mess behind me.  I hope posting this transcript can show others how bad the DMV hearing system is and that they need a good attorney from the start.” 

 This is an actual transcript of what an Interlock Violation Hearing is like!

Please schedule a time to meet with one of our Interlock Attorneys to prepare your case for a rigorous defense. You do not want to go into a hearing without an experienced interlock attorney.