Interlock Limited Privileges Checklist


  • Conviction Date = Date 1: ___ / ___ / 20____
  • Earliest date for Limited Privileges = Date 1 + 45 days = ___ / ___ / 20____
  • Estimated[*] Restored DL = Date 1 + one year = ___ / ___ / 20____

Go to the DMV and get a new driver’s license with a restriction on the back which requires an interlock.

  • Estimated date for removal of Interlock[†] = Date 1 plus 1 year and 45 days = ___ / ___ / 20____

Then go get a second new driver’s license WITHOUT the interlock restriction on the back.

Because the results of the Chemical Analysis in your case came back over .14 – you are required to have an Ignition Interlock installed on your vehicle before you can get any limited driving privileges; and then only after a 45-day period of no driving.  Also with an interlock driving privilege, the legislature made the law so that you cannot get driving privileges for maintenance of a household or for your community service.  This is bad law, but it is the law until your elect new representatives and they change the law.  Unfortunately, we cannot change this right now.  You can only get privileges to drive to and from work or school, for treatment, and to and from Interlock appointments.  Here are the statutory restrictions:

N.C.G.S. 20-179 applies to offenses committed on or after December 1, 2007.

1) Your limited driving privilege may not become effective until at least 45 days after the conviction;

2) Your designated motor vehicle must be equipped with an Ignition Interlock;

4) You must personally activate the Ignition Interlock;

5) You may drive only to and from your place of employment, the place you are enrolled in school, any court-ordered treatment or substance abuse education, and any Ignition Interlock service facility.

You may contact Smart Start at (800) 880-3394 or Monitech at (800) 521-4246 to schedule your installation.  There can be a week or more lead time with appointments, so do not wait until the last minute.  Try to get the appointment set up soon to give yourself enough time to have it installed and get all the paperwork turned in to our office before the 45 days of no driving are up.  You can get plenty of information about the interlock at their website:  You can also download a copy of the “User’s Manual” on this website.

At your initial installation appointment, you will need to sign your lease agreement and pay for the first month or two month’s (depending on the location) lease fee.  The lease fee is $70 to $90 per month plus tax and a $50 additional charge may be incurred if the machine is locked out or setoff.

At the time of your installation, you must be present, and it requires one to two hours to install. At this appointment, the representative will explain how the unit works, the service requirements, and what to do if you have problems or questions.  The device is to be monitored and calibrated regularly, and at your installation appointment, they will schedule your next service.

When you arrive at your initial installation appointment, you will need to bring a photo ID, a copy of specific paperwork requiring the interlock device, as well as proof of address.


_______1.  ALCOHOL ASSESSMENT:  You are required by law to get an “Alcohol Assessment” performed by a licensed agency before you can get limited driving privileges.

________2.  LETTER FROM EMPLOYER:  This letter is only to substantiate the hours that you work so that we can include the hours in the privileges.   It does not need to include any references, say you are a good person or tell about your job performance; it merely confirms the hours that you need to be able to drive to and from work.  It is important that the letter include ALL hours and days that you MAY work not just your regular hours.

________3.  DL-123:  This is a form you get from your insurance agent to show you have valid insurance; it is only valid for 30 days so wait unt